3 Trendy Sunrise Bay Window Ideas for Your Kitchen

Bay windows are impressively versatile at enhancing almost any space, but they’re particularly popular in kitchens. In most cases, they can single-handedly add a variety of functions and reinvent your cooking area in ways you never thought possible.


As the premier source of Sunrise replacement windows in Aurora, IL, Next Door and Window wants to share several ways to maximize the utility of bay windows for your kitchen. Here are some trendy ideas:


Of all kitchen bay windows, an angled style is perhaps the most universal. It can literally make your otherwise cramped space roomier. If you use large glass with no grids crossing the center, you can easily incorporate the splendor of nature into your interior design. A full-height angled Sunrise bay window can give you a sweeping view of your surroundings, creating an almost uninterrupted connection between your indoor and outdoor areas.

Compared to other Aurora, IL, replacement windows, large, plain angled bay windows invite more sunlight in. This means you can naturally illuminate your space easily and depend less on artificial lighting to help keep your kitchen cooler.


Much like the angled design, a box bay window provides plenty of daylighting. Traditionally, this style compromises different window types to add variety to your overall architecture.

While it’s never a requirement to have operating panels, having casement windows on the side helps improve your ventilation. As it can be easy for the air in your kitchen to get hot and stale, a Sunrise box bay window allows you to keep things cool and fresh.

Built-In Seat

One of the hottest trends these days is adding built-in seats to replacement windows in Aurora. Instead of leaving the extra floor space empty, turning this spot into a recess is brilliant. You can even use the seat’s base for storage.

In many ways, the addition of Sunrise bay windows to your kitchen can boost the value of your home. Want to make the most of this upgrade? Call Next Door and Window now at (855) 893-6100 and let’s discuss the best designs.

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