4 Benefits of Installing Integrity® from Marvin Windows

Integrity® from Marvin is an excellent choice if you’re looking for Naperville IL replacement windows that offer durability and energy efficiency. The values that made Marvin a leader in the industry are embodied within the quality of these windows. NEXT Door & Window is proud to offer these top-quality windows to our clients.

Among the benefits, you can expect from these windows are strength and durability, lower thermal expansion, energy-efficiency, and environmentally friendly materials. Let’s discuss each of these benefits more.

The strength and durability of these materials come from their unique composition. Integrity utilizes a patented material called Ultrex®. Ultrex is a fiberglass material with a high-performance window coating, which ensures weather-resistance and long-lasting durability. The strength of this material comes from its specially designed strength-to-weight ratio and tensile strength, making it eight-times stronger than vinyl and almost twice as strong as steel. Ultrex forms the stiles and rails of all the products from Integrity.

In terms of thermal expansion, Ultrex can withstand extreme heat as it expands at almost the same rate as glass. This ensures that the entire sash stays sealed. Compared with vinyl, which can distort when exposed to extreme heat, Ultrex won’t let spots, streaks, or cracks form.

These windows are ENERGY STAR® qualified, which guarantees they can lessen power consumption. However, because of the quality of these windows, they exceed the performance requirements through Argon filled dual-pane LoE-180™, LoE2-272®, and LoE-366® which have lower thermal conductivity than that of air and a warm-edge spacer. A triple glazing option is also made available for added comfort. These products are proven to cut costs in both cold and warm temperatures to keep your home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Integrity windows ensure that environmental impact is lessened all throughout the steps of manufacturing. Ultrex is made with 10% recycled materials and the glass contains 15%-30% of recycled content.

These features will surely benefit your home in many ways. For more information on replacement windows in Naperville IL, contact NEXT Door & Window today!

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