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7 Benefits of Investing in Exterior French Doors For Your Home

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your open layout, installing french doors is a simple way to increase the amount of natural light in your house. In addition, a large number of sellers decide to invest in this type of door to add value to their home prior to selling. From security, energy-efficiency, to convenience, installing french doors can

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10 Helpful Tips When Buying New Home Replacement Windows

When you are investing in new replacement windows for your house, it is helpful to be familiar with your options. In addition, you will want to be familiar with the window installation procedure. We have compiled a list of 10 things you should know prior to having your windows replaced at home. Window Replacement Tips 1.) Do Not Perform a

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7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Timing is an essential factor when you’re planning a window replacement. You’ll want to make the most of your current windows life cycle. At the same time, you do not want to remove your old windows until they start to compromise your quality of life. For this reason, you should learn how to spot the telltale signs of window failure.

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4 Common Window Replacement Mistakes to Avoid

Installing replacement windows may seem straightforward, but it actually needs some careful thought. For example, you should choose the glass package that is suitable for your local climate. You should also consider the framing material and finish that will complement your decor. With your windows’ significant role in maintaining a beautiful and comfortable home, be sure to make the most

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Debunking 5 Common Myths About Vinyl Windows

When it comes to replacement windows, vinyl is one of the most cost-effective materials available today. However, there are several misconceptions about it, making others hesitant to choose this option. This misses them a lot of benefits, from comfort to savings. Nonetheless, NEXT Door & Window is here to get the facts right. We debunk five top common myths about vinyl

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EverWood® Finish: The Recipe to Infinity® Window’s Beauty

When it comes to quality replacement windows, their visual appeal is as equally important as their performance. After all, they play an integral role in improving your home style’s character. This is where Infinity® from Marvin® reigns supreme. It comes with an Ultrex® fiberglass, which is five times thicker than vinyl for superior durability. It also features EverWood® interior finish,

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Features That Make Integrity® from Marvin® Windows Stand Out

The best replacement windows exhibit superior weather performance, durability, energy efficiency, and sustainability. At NEXT Door and Window, our Integrity® from Marvin® windows possess all of these aspects. They even outlast vinyl and vinyl/wood composites, making them an excellent choice for your investment. Find out how they will benefit you and your home.


A Closer Look at Sunrise® Sliding Patio Door’s Features

Installing patio doors are a smart way to spruce up your overall home. They create a seamless connection between your indoor and outdoor spaces, making your living space more convenient and enjoyable. Furthermore, their sleek, classic appearance adds elegance to your decor, which contributes to curb appeal. With Sunrise® sliding patio doors, there more than just functionality. Let Next Door and

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Best Ways Our Windows Will Improve Your Overall Home

The first week of April is Window Safety Week, led by the Window Safety Task Force of the National Safety Council. This program educates homeowners about the importance of window safety practices, with the aim of avoiding window falls and using windows as escape alternatives during emergencies.


The Valuable Benefits of Hiring Pros for Window Replacement

Hiring professionals is essential in replacing your windows. This prevents common mistakes to occur, such as using improper materials and leaving gaps around the frame. In addition, it ensures a smooth and worry-free process. NEXT Door and Window shares some advantages when you leave this task to the experts.