Best Integrity® Window Styles for Daylighting

The sun is generally low and the sky is usually cloudy during winter. However, it doesn’t mean you could no longer enjoy daylighting in this time of the year. If you choose Integrity® windows from Marvin, you can let sunshine in as much as possible because they feature a high visible transmittance rating. Another key to proper daylighting is picking the right styles for replacement windows in Aurora, IL.

Window Styles

NEXT Door and Window recommends these Integrity windows to illuminate your interior naturally. Due to Ultrex®, all units have narrow frames to accommodate more light.

Bow or Bay

The multifaceted nature of projection windows lets them to catch plenty of a lot of sunlight all day long. The bow and bay generally cover large openings, giving sunshine a huge passageway to enter your home. Because their panels face at least three different directions, they usher in plenty of natural light even after peak hours. Bay and bow windows can surely lend any space a sense of airiness, making them perfect for living rooms and kitchens.


Glider replacement windows in Aurora normally occupy wide wall openings, offering an extensive entry for the sun. This contemporary style usually has no grilles, which is why they have large glass without any division. For your rooms that face north, installing gliders helps you maximize the available daylight and brighten your space.


Unlike double-hung units, the casement style’s single frame leaves its glass plain. This means you can use the large uninterrupted surface to get a lot of sunshine. Creating a wall of casement windows is a clever trick to fill your space with natural light. A single or a twin style is ideal over a kitchen sink, as you can easily open using a crank on the lower corner.

Let NEXT Door and Window help keep your rooms naturally well-lit using these Integrity Aurora, IL, replacement windows. Call us now at (855) 893-6100 to get your project started.

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