6 Ways to Increase the Natural Light in Your Home With Windows & Doors

If you’re the outdoorsy type, you probably dread the thought of staying home on the weekends instead of enjoying fun outdoor activities. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to add natural light to dark rooms to improve the mood of your home. An easy way to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your house is by investing in new doors and windows!

These options will bring more natural light into your home, allow for much better views of nature, along with other benefits. These benefits include reduced energy costs, boost mood and health, and add beauty to your indoor space.

Here are 6 great windows and doors to bring the outdoors inside this winter.

How to Increase the Natural Light in Your Living Space

1. Bay or Bow Windows

If you have standard windows, consider replacing them with a bay or bow window. These types of windows better extend out into your garden or front yard, bringing in more sunlight while expanding your space.

You’ll have a better view of the outdoors, as bay windows offer a sense of openness without sacrificing energy efficiency and security. Our bay & bow windows offer air-tight insulation so you never have to worry about the energy you DO use slipping out of your home. This is so important during all of our seasons.

2. Picture Windows

If a bay or bow window doesn’t suit your home, an excellent way to enhance the natural light in your house is to switch to a beautiful picture window. Picture windows are large fixed windows that offer expansive views and light. It’s an innovative product that can add comfort and energy efficiency to your home. It’s one of our favorite windows!

If you live in an area with lots of greenery or just surroundings that you’d like to take in all year-round, try adding in a picture window.

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3. Specialty Windows

You can also go for a specialty window. We can design many shapes to fit your home or create bigger and taller windows to improve the total amount of natural lighting in your home. In addition, choosing to purchase specialty windows will help introduce the gorgeous outdoor views into your living space.

Think about a room where you may spend a good amount of time, like the kitchen. Why not open up that space and bring in more sunlight? Most kitchen backsplashes are around 18 inches high, but using taller windows can extend this standard measurement.

4. Corner Windows

Another great way to introduce natural light into your house is a corner window. This type of window is an ideal choice for homes that are surrounded by trees, bushes, or a beautiful landscape. Corner windows make the most of your outdoor views, creating a design focal point from both interior and exterior angles.

This stunning window will expand your natural view and capture light from several directions. Plus, with its clean look, it’s perfect for modern homes or minimalist design lovers.

5. Sliding Doors

Stay connected to the outside with elegant glass sliding doors. Next Door and Window offers exterior sliding doors with modern features, such as thermal efficiency, which also helps decrease your home’s energy usage.

Patiio sliding doors can also drastically increase the natural light coming into your home and offer beautiful views of the outdoors.

When natural light fills the room, it generates gorgeous energy that makes the room feel fresher and the colors seem brighter. Plus, glass sliding doors are a great return on investment and will cost you less than renovating an entire room.

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6. Decorative Door Glass

There are many options for decorative door glass. To maximize the view of your yard and the natural lighting in your home, do not invest in textured glass. Instead, choose larger glass with the privacy rating of 1.

As always, it’s important to consider your home and the surrounding area to pick the best products for your property. If a front glass door doesn’t seem right, maybe adding it to the back entryway will be a better fit to bring in the views.

Whatever your preference and style, our staff of Design Experts offers window replacement and door installation options in your area. Our experts can also help you visualize this final look with our Home Visualizer tool that allows you to try on styles before buying.

We all know that sunshine is important to increase your vitamin D levels and boost your immune system, but research has also shown that it can help boost your mood and productivity.

Natural light can also help you sleep better at night. This is especially important with the battle of the blue light we’re fighting all day with our phones and computers. With all these added benefits, it’s no question that upgrading your bay windows and doors is the way to go.

Our staff offers door and window installation services to homeowners in areas of Illinois such as Downers Grove, Orland Park, Naperville, Aurora, and Burr Ridge. We can help bring the outdoors in, through stylish and energy-efficient doors and windows. We offer no hassle-no pressure appointments so schedule yours today.


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