Choosing the Right Windows for These 5 Styles

Part of planning for a new house is maintaining harmony among the design elements. When selecting replacement windows, keep to a style that matches your home’s overall look. Here are the window styles that suit these five home styles:


  1. This typically refers to Colonial, Cape Cod, and Georgian styles. Usually constructed of brick, stone and stucco, traditional style homes are recognizable for their front-facing gables, symmetrically-placed windows in Naperville, simple rooflines, open foyers, covered porches and preference for stone or wood siding. Double-hung windows with a wooden finish and colonial or prairie grilles are best. Nonetheless, transom and bay or bow windows with similar grilles work equally well.
  2. This style gained popularity in the 1970s, but is still a much sought-after style. These homes feature open, flexible floor plans and asymmetrical designs. External features are unusual angles, flat roofs, and varied or multi-level rooflines. Go for Naperville windows with simple, clean lines, such as our casement, awning, or even fixed windows. You can also install skylights to balance the interior daylight.
  3. Southern style homes have been often described as having a warm and nostalgic feel. The exterior usually has stacked porches and verandas. The windows typically have shutters, so tall windows, such as casement and double-hung, are usually best. Choose a design with lower sills and higher heads for a more authentic look.
  4. Spanish and Mediterranean. Known for its red terracotta roofs, stucco exterior, and arched windows and doorways, this design is inspired by Spanish, French and Italian seaside villas. Look for fixed windows (or even patio doors) that complement the arched entryway motif, and takes advantage of magnificent views. Wrought iron or wooden window grilles with graceful lines complete the authentic villa look.
  5. An enduring modern classic, Victorian style homes are known for its clapboard siding, steep roofs, rambling porches, columns, ornate moldings, and turrets. Bay or bow windows are particularly effective with this style. In addition, double-hung, transom, fixed, arched, and even specialty windows in Naperville, IL, will work well.

No matter what style you pick for your replacement windows, Next Door and Window has it. We offer quality windows from Andersen®, Sunrise®, and other top brands. If you want to know more, call us at (855) 893-6100 or use our form.

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