Why Natural Ventilation is Essential in Every Home

Natural ventilation depends on the wind and “chimney effect” to make your home livable. Depending on your windows’ orientation, they let fresh air enter and leave your home, promoting comfort in your interior. The “chimney effect”, on the other hand, relies on convection and happens when cool air enters your home from the first floor or basement. It then absorbs heat in the room and then leaves via your windows upstairs. An efficient way to take advantage of natural ventilation is to reduce heat buildup in your home.

Natural Ventilation

Here, NEXT Door & Window shows some of the reasons that make natural ventilation vital in homes:

Reduces Your Energy Bills

Excessive use of your HVAC units caused by unpleasant climate conditions can lead to higher energy costs. Fortunately, you can rely on us to provide you with quality Downers Grove replacement windows that can provide you natural ventilation. We offer double-hung windows with quality seals and weather strips to prevent drafts from entering your home. You can open them wide to let fresh air fill your home and improve its comfort levels.

Improves Productivity

Fresh air that fills your interior through your windows can improve the mood of your family members. We have replacement windows in Downers Grove that will let you enjoy natural ventilation in your home. This can also lead to a more positive interaction between you and your guests.

It Can Improve Air Quality

Natural ventilation can help minimize carbon emission in your home, which can be bad for your health. As contractors committed to promoting a healthy home environment, we offer Downers Grove, IL replacement windows that can help you achieve this. We can install casement windows that can provide you with optimal ventilation. In addition, our Andersen® windows feature a frame composite made of reclaimed wood fiber, which do not have much carbon emission.

Let NEXT Door & Window help you enjoy the benefits of natural ventilation. Give us a call at (855) 893-6100 or fill out our contact form.

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