Why You Should Hire Professionals for Your Window Replacements

There are a lot of DIY home projects you can easily do, but window replacements shouldn’t be one of them. Hiring professionals is necessary for replacing your windows. This prevents common mistakes to occur, such as using improper materials and leaving gaps around the frame. In addition, it ensures a smooth and worry-free process. Below we’ll share some advantages of hiring a pro when it comes to your windows.


Professionals have the knowledge and years of experience to offer you recommendations for your home windows. They will listen to all your concerns, assess your living situation, and come up with the perfect solution. 

They will also help you choose window designs that will blend with your home’s architectural style and decor. By providing you with the best specifications, you will achieve lasting results to enjoy for decades. 

We understand the process can be confusing and sometimes painful. Our Design & Energy Experts understand the many different home types in Chicagoland and will help you find the right windows and doors for your home and budget. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can help you design something that works for your home. Plus, our experts can help you visualize this final window look with our Home Visualizer tool that allows you to try on styles before buying.

They met or exceeded my expectations with the professionalism that the salesperson Bill first brought when he came out on the first sales appointment. He opened our eyes to the things we could get. We weren’t sure we could afford these things but he worked with that. He explained the entire process without inducing fear about how their installation differs from other companies we might have chosen. The install is as important or more important than which windows you select.” –Verified Customer, Chicago, IL.


Window replacement may seem straightforward, but it is actually a complex task. That’s not even considering specialty-shaped windows! For instance, removing your old units and replacing them with new ones require adequate support. Even if you ask for help from your friends, your lack of experience and safety measures may only work against you. 

This may cause your project to take longer than it should, and you may eventually face more expenses. But not just that, what if you come across a bigger structural problem or the windows don’t fit right? A pro would know what to do. 

Professionals are strictly trained in modern practices to replace your windows in the most efficient way possible, regardless of their issues, regardless of their shape. They know how to take accurate measurements and handle structural issues that may affect installation. That’s why they usually only take a day to complete your project, making it less disruptive to your routine.

The installers were very skilled and knowledgeable. In my family room, the installer even took it upon himself to level the wood shelf under the window he was installing so the wood framing the window would be even and “look nice” as he said. He didn’t have to put in that extra effort, but he did … he took great pride in his work. The mitering of the inside window frames was perfect. The corners were matched so well you can barely see the seam. That was important to me. I am a perfectionist and the installers’ work was perfect. The caulking outside was also very neatly done.” – Marianne R., Lombard, IL.

At NEXT Door & Window, we go the extra mile. Our window installation services are accompanied by pre-painting and staining services to ensure your new windows perfectly match the existing interior color scheme and outside trim work of your home. Additionally, we typically perform full-frame replacements, which means we will remove your entire window and replace it with a new frame and trim to give your home a fresh, updated appearance. On the day of your installation, your salesperson will be contacting you to make sure everything is going smoothly and according to the expectations you had set in the beginning.

I had a special case difficult arched window with an extra stained glass insert that was required to fit the new window and they did an excellent job on making sure it fit the opening of the house and that the stained glass fit the new window. The whole team kept me informed of the status and the installation crew was great.” –Greg R., Bolingbrook, IL.


Working with a reputable company can give you access to the best windows available on the market. Their high-performance features allow you to maximize your home’s functionality and comfort. These top-quality windows will also improve your home’s energy efficiency and stand up to Illinois’ harshest weather. 

“They had fantastic workmanship and it was a very high-quality experience. Well worth the money.” – Bill W., Orland Park, IL.

Major brands like Marvin®, Infinity®, and Sunrise® windows provide solid warranties to make the most of your investment. They also custom-manufacture their units to exactly fit your home’s requirements.

“We love our premium sunrise windows. The carpenters did a fantastic job installing and trimming out interior/exterior windows. The bedroom is 6 degrees warmer and retains heat. Compared to old windows. Example: With temps in the teens this am our room was 70. With old windows, it was 64 and we would have to change the thermostat to make it warmer.” – Jed D., Naperville, IL. 

If you’re wondering who are the best window installers in the Chicago area, know that you’ve come to the right place. NEXT Door & Window is one of the most trusted experts in Illinois. With our vast industry experience, we’ll deliver excellent workmanship and support to meet all your needs. We are currently offering in-home or virtual appointments with our experts to get your window projects started ASAP. Schedule yours today


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