At Next Door And Window we believe in a sustainable future for all.

That is why we are committed to lessening our ecological footprint by reducing waste, using clean energy and  providing energy efficient products for homeowners in Chicago and all of the surrounding communities.

Marvin Energy Efficiency

Why Fiberglass is environmentally friendly?

While both fiberglass and vinyl windows are  durable and require nearly no maintenance (they don’t rot or decay from moisture damage), fiberglass is much stronger, resists warping and cracking under weather extremes better than vinyl, giving your new window a very long life cycle and optimal functionality. Manufacturing of the fiberglass process requires very little natural resources to be consumed, especially compared to wood or vinyl. Although fiberglass  is not easy to recycle, the process of manufacturing releases less harmful chemicals into the environment.

Marvin Energy Efficient Windows

Marvin Door and Windows are Energy Efficient which means they provide value by reducing energy use and by reducing heating and cooling cost. What’s more Marvin supports sustainable forestry management and is committed to conserving natural resources. Marvin utilizes mostly pine in the process of making windows and they are sourcing the wood from reliable lumber suppliers with sound forest management practices. For many years now they are actively participating in education programs  including distribution of tree seedlings to surrounding communities.

Storm Door

Provia Energy-Efficient Doors

ProVia is dedicated to creating energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products by recycling and reducing pollution emissions. They have an active partnership with ENERGY STAR ®  and their products meet or exceed ENERGY STAR criteria. ProVia has been tested and awarded multiple times by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Here are few more examples how Provia exercises environmental stewardship:

Solar panels at three of their production facilities.
Trucks with TriPac Idle Reduction and Temperature Management System.
Paperless Ordering. 
Recycling paper, metal and glass.
Energy Star Education Program, to help consumers make educated product choices.

Hybrid Fleet

Next Door And Window is transitioning its fleet into clean hybrid Mercedes Benz Trucks which is one of the world’s cleanest running diesel engines thanks to BlueTEC® SCR technology. BlueEFFICIENCY is the term encompassing all the fuel-saving and emission-reducing efforts Mercedes-Benz uses on the Sprinter Van, powertrain and ancillary components, allowing the 2-stage turbo 4-cylinder diesel engine to meet and exceed the most stringent emission standards.