Door & Window Replacement in Middleton, Wisconsin

Transforming your home with the right doors and windows has never been easier. From increased energy efficiency to a higher home value, upgrading your doors and windows can make a significant difference in the way you live.

If you’re searching for ways to enhance your Middleton, Wisconsin, residence, we’ve got you covered. At NEXT Door & Window, we take pride in presenting an unparalleled selection of replacement doors and windows that align with your needs.

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Window Replacement & Installation Service in Middleton, WI

Window replacement doesn’t have to be complicated. At NEXT Door & Window, you can choose from a variety of colors and styles for windows that never feel forced or out of place. The windows of your dreams don’t have to be unattainable. Reach your window goals when you reach out to NEXT Door & Window for your next window replacement service.

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Window Replacement Options

If you’re located in Middleton and are interested in replacing your windows, you’re in luck. We provide top-notch window replacement services for homeowners throughout the area. Check out our window replacement options by master installers.


The weather in Middleton is often unpredictable. Marvin Infinity Windows are designed to handle anything from severe thunderstorms to high winds—including those chilly, snowy winters. All Marvin Infinity windows are installed with Ultrex® fiberglass, which is eight times stronger than vinyl.

Types of Windows Offered in Middleton

Unlike other window companies, NEXT Door & Window is proud to offer an extensive selection of unique window styles for your unique needs. Every window is crafted with care, and we cater to your preferences in every install.

Awning Windows

  • Awning Windows Naperville IL

    Ideal for ventilation and natural light while keeping the rain at bay, awning windows are perfect for those slightly hard-to-reach areas. They’re user-friendly and practical for day-to-day use. Many homeowners choose to place awning windows in kitchens and bathrooms.

Bay Windows

  • Bay Window Naperville IL

    Introduce dimension and create a cozy corner with these appealing windows. Bay windows are timeless additions for those seeking room expansion and functionality, offering extra seating space for reading or enjoying a hot beverage.

Bow Windows

  • Bow Windows Naperville IL

    Like bay windows, bow windows combine grace and additional space, providing a spacious and luxurious view that’s sure to impress. Expand your living room or dining area with a bow window that adds class and expansion.

Casement Windows

  • Casement Windows Naperville IL

    Casement windows are among the most popular types of windows in America and boast exceptional energy efficiency due to their airtight seal. If you’re looking to lower your energy bills while boosting your home value, then this window is for you.

Double-Hung Windows

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    These windows can adapt to any home design. Equipped with high-performance glass and multi-point locking systems, our double-hung windows offer both style and security—so you don’t have to worry about those little ones playing “escape artist” in the front room.

Slider Windows

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    If saving space is on your list of home renovations, choose slider windows for your next upgrade. Most windows slide vertically, but our slider windows slide horizontally for a sleek, modern twist. These windows also tilt and pop forward for those days when you can’t wait to let the breeze in.

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Door Replacement & Installation in Middleton, WI

Your door is so much more than a point of entry. It’s a way to save energy, feel secure, and keep your family safe and sound. From entryways to storm doors, NEXT Door & Window offers expert door replacement services for homeowners in Middleton.

Types of Door Replacements

Complement your home with a brand new door from NEXT Door & Window:

Front & Entry Doors

  • Entry Door Naperville IL

    Your front door sees a lot. A lot of hellos. A lot of goodbyes. And most importantly, a lot of hugs. Don’t settle for a mediocre door. Give coming home an upgrade with Provia Entry Doors. These doors are made for energy efficiency, boosted curb appeal, and warm embraces.

Patio Doors

  • Patio Door Naperville IL

    The back of your home needs a door, too. Our patio doors exude class and functionality. These doors from Infinity by Marvin  not only allow easy access to your patio but also maximizes natural light, providing easy transitions between your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Storm Doors

  • Next Door and Window Storm Door

    Storms happen. When they do, you need to ensure your home is safeguarded with a storm door. Shield your home from the elements with our durable storm doors. Plus, they’re a great addition for extra ventilation on those not-so-stormy days. 

Why Choose Us?

At NEXT Door & Window, our passion for your home is represented in our work. With years of experience behind us, you can trust our certified team to replace and install your new windows and doors. There’s no reason to live with leaky windows and doors when you can call NEXT Door & Window. With a fleet of technicians and easy payment plans available, we pride ourselves on:

Unmatched Window & Door Selections
Experienced Window & Door Installers
Five-Star Customer Experience

Door & Window Installation Service in Middletown, WI

Make your home feel more like home with new doors and windows. All you have to do is contact NEXT Door & Window for a free estimate. Be the envy of your neighborhood while enjoying the safety, energy efficiency, and newfound curb appeal of your Middleton home. Contact us today to let us make your dream home a reality.

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