Door & Window Replacement in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

The right windows and doors can do wonders for your home. From improved energy efficiency to increased home value, it’s safe to say that it pays to have the right windows and doors. 

If you’re looking to enhance your home in Prairie, Wisconsin, you’ve come to the right place. At NEXT Door & Window, we take pride in offering the top selection of replacement windows and doors to suit your preferences.

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Window Replacement in Sun Prairie, WI

Imagine a home that exudes charm and elegance while keeping your energy bills in check. Upgrading your windows can significantly improve your energy bill. Plus, they radiate a great first impression. When you choose NEXT Door & Window, you’re choosing a wide range of premium replacement windows designed to elevate your living spaces.

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Window Brands Offered in Sun Prairie

When it comes to window replacement, we only offer the best. We’re proud to install today’s top-notch window brands:


Marvin Infinity Windows are designed to handle climates of all kinds. That includes the harsh winters of Sun Prairie. Choosing a Marvin Infinity Window means that your windows will be installed with Ultrex® fiberglass to ensure maximum strength and durability.

Plenty of Window Types to Choose From

We know that every home is unique, and so are its windows. What works for the home down the street might not work for yours—and that’s okay. That’s why we offer an array of window types that cater to your specific needs:

Awning Windows

  • Awning Windows Naperville IL

    Perfect for ventilation and allowing natural light while keeping the rain out, awning windows are ideal for those windows that are just a little too far out of reach. Awning windows are easy to use and are exceptionally practical for everyday operation.

Bay Windows

  • Bay Window Naperville IL

    Add dimension and create a cozy nook with these attractive windows. Bay windows are timeless additions for homeowners looking for some room expansion and functionality. Enjoy a book or a hot cup of coffee while you enjoy the extra seating space bay windows provide.

Bow Windows

  • Bow Windows Naperville IL

    Make a statement with elegant curves and panoramic views. Like bay windows, bow windows offer a perfect blend of grace and extra space. These sweeping windows create a spacious and luxurious view destined to be the envy of any neighbor.

Casement Windows

  • Casement Windows Naperville IL

    Functionality meets style with easy-to-operate casement windows. These windows provide exceptional energy efficiency, thanks to their airtight seal between the sash and frame. Our installers take great care in ensuring no drafts pass through our casement windows.

Double-Hung Windows

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    Classic and versatile, these windows complement any home design. Double hung windows are some of the most popular windows in the United States. We install our double-hung windows with high-performance glass and multi-point locking systems to keep your household safe and stylish.

Slider Windows

  • null

    A sleek and space-saving option that offers smooth gliding operation. Our slider windows don’t just slide back and forth. They tilt and pop forward for easy cleaning access while welcoming a comfortable breeze during the milder months.

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Door Replacement in Sun Prairie, WI

Your home’s doors are more than just entryways; they create lasting impressions and memories. Plus, they play an important role in your home’s energy efficiency. By replacing your doors, you can enhance your home’s curb appeal, security, and comfort.

Doors Offered in Sun Prairie

At NEXT Door & Window, we offer a range of replacement doors to complement your home’s architecture:

Front & Entry Doors

  • Entry Door Naperville IL

    Create a lasting impression with our stunning Provia Entry Doors. These doors boast exceptional craftsmanship, security features, and energy efficiency, ensuring your home remains beautiful and protected all year long.

Patio Doors

  • Patio Door Naperville IL

    Embrace the outdoors with our stylish and functional patio doors. These doors from Infinity by Marvin  not only provide easy access to your outdoor spaces but also maximize natural light, creating a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living.

Storm Doors

  • Next Door and Window Storm Door

    Protect your home from the elements with our durable and reliable storm doors. These doors provide an extra layer of security while allowing ventilation during pleasant weather.

Why Choose Us?

At NEXT Door & Window, we’re just as passionate about your home as you are. With decades of experience under our belt, you can trust us to successfully replace and install your windows and doors. Get on the path to energy efficiency, curb appeal, and a boost in property value when you choose us. We pride ourselves on:

Unmatched Window & Door Selections
Experienced Window & Door Installers
Five-Star Customer Experience

Door & Window Installation in Sun Prairie, WI

Ready to make your house feel like home? Take the first step toward transforming your living spaces by requesting a free estimate with our experts. Finally—get the hassle-free window and door experience you’ve been hearing about, and leave the installation process to us. Contact us today to unlock the potential of your home with NEXT Door & Window in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

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