All about Daylighting (Part 2): 4 Ways to Improve

In the first entry of this two-part series, we discussed three major benefits of daylighting. Now let’s look at the different ways to improve it, along with the ways our products could help you enjoy its benefits to the fullest. NEXT Door & Window recommends the following:


1. Open Up the Room with Glass Doors

You can enhance the appeal and atmosphere in your home by opting for glass doors. This is especially useful if your outdoors offer a scenic view. We provide a variety of doors in IL that can suit the style of your home without sacrificing safety and security. Whether it’s an entry or patio door, we offer a selection from leading brands like ProVia®, Therma Tru®, and Marvin®.

2. Place the Windows Strategically

To a very large extent, windows control the amount of sunlight that filters into your home. The key to maximizing this light rests on the placement of these windows. For best results, place them in such a way that the light comes from two opposite directions. You should also place your windows as high up as possible so that sunlight can reach deeper into the interior and create an even lighting.

3. Make Sure Your Windows are Energy Efficient

Beyond strategic placements, you should also ensure that the windows are energy-efficient to protect your home from unwanted heat gain and harmful UV rays. Our windows come with low-emissivity coatings, which blocks solar heat and UV from entering your home. Like their name suggests, these windows are critical to enjoying the energy saving benefits of daylighting in your home.

4. Let the light In

After all these rearrangements, you don’t want to stand in your own way by blocking sunlight with thick curtains and heavy furniture. At peak periods during the day, you can pull back the curtains to let natural light flood your home. You can also use mirrors to bounce the light around if you don’t have enough windows in that room.

As the Illinois doors and windows specialists, we offer an installation & labor guarantee for a period of two years. We also offer manufacturer warranties on each product for your absolute peace of mind. Let NEXT Door & Window work with you to maximize daylighting in your home today.

Call us now at 1-855-893-6100 to get started. You can also reach us through our online request form. We will be happy to provide you a no-obligation quote for your replacement needs.

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