Want That Brand New Door To Last Forever?

Few Areas Of Your Home Go Through More Stress From Wear and The Elements Than Your Entry Door…Our Installation Will Make Sure That Your Door Is Completely Up To The Challenge

The Brand and Model of Door You Choose Is Important…But Without the Right Installation, It’s Not Going To Work Or Last Like It Should

People seem to really enjoy coming to our showroom and looking at the variety of doors we have to choose from. We have a wide variety of colors, styles, sizes, and shapes – and with our pre-finishing options, we always seem to be able to give people just what they’re looking for – including the type of material, the efficiency ratings, and their favorite style and color – the perfect door for their home. However, unless the door you choose is installed properly, it can end up being a wasted investment.

Get An Installation That’s Equal To Your Door

At NEXT Door & Window, We Install Your Door Once, And We Install It The Right Way, So That It Stands Against The Elements For Years To Come. For specific details about product options, please ask your NEXT Door & Window representative for a quick break-down of the advantages of each product line and special installation options. Generally speaking, there are six factors that make the biggest difference in the way an entry door looks and performs. They include:

It’s True: Your New Entry Door Will Only Be As Good As the Installation

A Brand New Door Can Potentially Save You A Lot of Energy and It Can Improve Your Home’s Appearance.

However, It Will Only Deliver On That Potential If It Is Properly Installed.

Installation Problem What You Get With NEXT Door & Window The Typical Installation
Achieving Right Door Color Our pre-staining delivers the door in the precise color you choose BEFORE it is installed. Not Available – Paint or stain it yourself.
Painted or Stained with a Color Protection Warranty Painted and stained materials stand up to the harsh Illinois weather and paint and stains are protected with our full NEXT Door & Window warranty. You can’t even get it painted or stained, let alone a warranty!
Door Frame is Rotted and Needs Replacement Included

We replace the door frame with composite materials that are weather and heat resistant. Our products are warranted to stand up to water, sleet, and snow.

Extra Charge! Replace rotting wood with more wood that’s soon to rot.
Door Frame Rests On Cement Sill Included!

We add a rubber membrane flashing barrier that lifts the composite material from the cement surface, keeping it from rain and snow residue. The rubber membrane also protects your wood subfloor.

Wood soaks up water from cement surface, then rots…Again.
Wooden Door Frame is Exposed to Elements Protective Cap Included –

our weatherproof cap. The cap fits tightly over the area surrounding your doorway, sealing off and protecting the interior wall.

Our additional protective cap prevents exposure to the elements and protects your door jam from rain, sleet, snow, and daily wear and tear.

Wait for it to rot, then replace it…Again!
Broken Door Seals; Can Feel Cold Draft Our doors fit tightly and effectively seal off your doorway from the elements, virtually impenetrable against rain, sleet, and those strong winds coming off Lake Michigan.

We use a combination of a factory weather seal, along with our specialized spray foam barrier around the entire door frame – all backed by our outstanding warranty that covers the entire installation for 2 years.

Sorry – you’ll have to buy something to cover the cracks and try to control the draft!

This may sound simple, but it’s fundamentally important: you have to choose the right door or you will have little chance of lasting comfort and home efficiency. But a door is only going to function properly and deliver all the benefits you hope for if it is properly installed. That’s why we work so hard at NEXT Door & Window to set the standard in door installations.

We offer a select group of the best products from manufacturers with reputations for excellence and high customer satisfaction – and we back those products up with our world-class service to ensure that we do everything exactly right.