Fantastic Features of Sunrise Patio Doors

Sunrise patio doors are a dream come true. Compared with their average counterparts, they have advanced features that allow them to provide peerless utility.

Patio Doors

Today, NEXT Door and Window sheds light on the desirable qualities of Sunrise patio door systems. From raising your level of defense to keeping the elements out, here are things to expect from these top-shelf doors:

Impregnable Security

Every Sunrise patio door comes with an incredible multiple locking system, which would frustrate even the most determined intruder from breaking in. Recessed in the door panel, its lock releases three hooks that clamp tightly onto the frame. When closed and locked, all three simultaneously engage with the jamb.

Unlike standard exterior doors, even experienced intruders couldn’t pick the innovative lock system. The door has to be destroyed just to gain entry, which is a Herculean task itself with its sturdy frame.

For an additional measure of security, an optional keyed lock is available.

Airtight Seal

Sunrise patio doors are equipped with the exclusive Quad4 Plus weatherstripping to eliminate the slightest amount of air from passing through around the gaps. Instead of the usual two, they have four seals of weatherstripping on the jamb pocket and the meeting rail stiles for maximum comfort.

In turn, Sunrise’s superior seal system stops drafts from entering your home and traps your heat effectively. As a result, the outside world is practically a non-factor to your indoor climate.

Attractive Appearance

With Sunrise, you can choose from an array of interior-exterior color combinations for your replacement patio doors. They’re offered in stunning, dark exterior hues and charming woodgrain finishes. With different hardware options available, you can match or complement your home’s existing design.

As IL’s trusted provider of Sunrise patio door systems, you can rest assured that we’ll carry out your project in Illinois with excellence. Call NEXT Door and Window now at (855) 893-6100 and tell us how you’d like your new doors.

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