Presenting Your Good Side: How To Enhance And Maintain Your Home’s Visual Appeal – Part III: Accessorizing And Adding Accents

Your home’s main design features form the bulk of your home’s look and feel, and are a big part of any lasting impression your home makes.  To make the best of these features, however, you need to call attention to them, focus the eye on what you want to see and what you want to emphasize.  Here are some tips to help you present these features to their fullest.

Use local vegetation

When using plants and trees to offset or emphasize your home’s features, use local varieties whenever you can.  Not only will these generally go better with surrounding areas and colors, these will also be easier to take care of than transplanted species.

Include “evergreen” accents in the landscape

When it comes to landscaping, “evergreen” doesn’t just mean evergreen plants.  Features such as stonework and birdbaths – items which do not change appearance with the seasons – serve as focal points for the more seasonal parts of the landscaping.

Keep a green lawn

Except where you are limited by the climate – in desert areas, for example – a lush, grassy lawn provides a lot of visual appeal for your home.  Make sure to keep the grass tended and watered; few things are as unsightly as a lawn with brown, dying grass, or one with bare patches.

Create a path to your door

Draw attention to your entry door(s) with a well-maintained walkway.  The walk to the door can be combined with a path that wends through your landscaping. Use the landscaping itself –   plants, flower beds, or features like benches, posts, etc, – to focus attention on your door while showcasing the other areas around your house.  Lighting can also be used to show off your entry to good effect.

Keep your walkway and driveway in good repair

Cracked, ill-maintained walkways, driveways, and sidewalks make a poor impression.  Keep these in good repair to maximize appeal and prevent accidents, such as tripping or slipping.

Add a hedge or fence

A hedge or fence is a great way to focus attention on your home while screening out your neighbor’s, or other less-than-welcome features in your surroundings.  If other features are taking attention away from your home, a hedge or fence may be what you need.

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