Save Energy and Save Mother Earth

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated every April 22. During this day, events across the world stop to show support for promoting a greener planet. This special event is essential to encouraging people worldwide to take action to help preserve Mother Earth. NEXT Door & Window takes pride in providing products from brands like Marvin that will allow you to play a more active role in protecting the planet.

Here is how our windows can help you achieve this:

Save energy

Through Insulated Glass

We offer replacement windows in Chicagoland that can increase your home’s comfort levels. They feature High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass options that can reduce heat that enters and leaves your home. This will lessen your reliance on your HVAC units and reduce your energy costs.

Through Sustainable Frames

Our Andersen windows come with a patented frame composite called Fibrex®. It is made up of reclaimed wood fiber and polyvinyl chloride or PVC polymer fused together, making it a durable and sustainable product. It has twice the strength of vinyl and can perform better despite sudden changes in temperature. It will not fade, flake, blister, or peel, making it a low-maintenance option. These features will reduce the need to replace your windows soon, leading to less waste in landfills that can be harmful to the planet.

Through Functionality

Choose from our casement or double-hung windows that can help improve ventilation in different areas of your home. Our 400 series double-hung windows are one of our popular products. They come with quality seals and strips that keep dust and the elements away, as well as tilting sashes that make it easy for you to clean them from inside your home. Our 400 series casement windows, on the other hand, feature cladding that protects it from water damage. They open wide to allow fresh air in your home and keep you from relying too much on your HVAC system. This reduces your carbon footprint, which is bad for your health and the planet.

Count on NEXT Door & Window to help you save energy and the planet Earth. Call us today at (855) 893-6100 for a FREE estimate.

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