Tips for Homeowners in IL: Proper Care for Window Glass

Your windows are essential components of your home that define its curb appeal along with other functions. Routine cleaning and maintenance should be done to ensure that they’ll remain in good condition while protecting your home against the elements.

NEXT Door & Window, the professional contractor of replacement windows in Naperville IL, provides these tips on how you can properly clean your glass panes:

First ensure that you know how to properly remove the window sash. Double-hung, glider, and tilt-pac windows from Marvin® have a sash that can be easily removed for cleaning.

Clean your windowpanes under a shade to avoid direct exposure to sunlight. This will give you satisfying results. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Clean glass starting from the top down to the bottom to avoid unsightly streaks.

2. Soak the pane in water with soap solution to loosen any accumulated debris and dirt.

3. Use a mild washing solution along with a nonabrasive applicator to avoid scratching the glass.

4. After washing the glass, remove the cleaning solution using a sponge or squeegee with soft bristles. Be careful not to scratch the glass.

5. Make sure to dry all traces of the cleaning solution from window frames, sealants, and gaskets immediately as moisture can cause rotting, rusting, and mold growth.

NOTE: Avoid using sharp tools on coated glass. When an ordinary cleaning solution is not enough to remove paint or other residue from the glass, you may use a one-inch razor blade—but on minor areas only. Any scraping must be done in one direction to avoid permanent damage to the glass.

You can enjoy beautiful windows for years if your panes are well maintained. Remember, well-kept windows can create a good impression of your home as they are one of the most visible components of your house.

For any of your window needs, feel free to contact NEXT Door & Window in Burr Ridge, Naperville, and Arlington Heights in Illinois. We offer different quality brands that you can consider for your Naperville IL replacement windows.

If you need replacement windows, call us at 1-855-893-6100 to request a free in-home consultation. We’ll be happy to help you choose a suitable option for your home.

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