A Guide to Giving Your Home a Proper Makeover: Part 1 – Where Should You Start Your Home Remodeling Project?

There will always come a time for you to consider giving your home a makeover. For some homeowners, doing so could be purely a matter of personal tastes; for others, remodeling is an effective way of not just updating the home’s physical aspects, but a way to get rid of long-term underlying problems as well.

Before you start your remodeling project, be prepared with a realistic budget and adequate buffer funds, because these projects almost never come in cheap. Also, prioritize what you want to have done; you can’t just spread your budget to cover every inch of your house. Choose one specific area to have remodeled and start your project there.


One of your home’s defining features, and your main form of weather protection. Most people start with the roof for two reasons: leaks and ice dams can lead to damage on other parts of the home, and changing the roof creates the most immediate visual change to your home’s exterior.


Seeing a trend here? Many homeowners prioritize the exterior because of improved curb appeal. Remodeling your home’s siding doesn’t just make it look prettier – it also helps improve insulation, energy efficiency, and weather protection.


The kitchen is one of the busiest places in the home, so any problems in the kitchen translates to more stress for homeowners. Giving your kitchen a makeover also gives you the chance to change the layout, making it easier to use and nicer to look at. Kitchen remodeling usually involves changing counters, lighting, the flooring, cabinetry, and even the appliances.


The bathroom is arguably one of the most personal and intimate parts of the home so, no doubt, you’d want a bathroom that you’d feel comfortable in. This usually involves changing the fixtures and replacing tiles. Another good reason to give your bathroom a makeover is to improve accessibility, especially if you or a family member has mobility problems.

Living room

As a place where guests and homeowners alike can kick back and relax, the living room is a space that often requires remodeling to accommodate growing (or shrinking) families. Cramped spaces or a sudden change in preferences can trigger the need for change. There’s more to remodeling your home than changing the floor and furniture. Find out how doors and windows can affect your remodeling project.

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