A Guide to Giving Your Home a Proper Makeover: Part 2 – The Importance of Doors and Windows in Home Remodeling

Whenever people think of remodeling a part of their home, they usually focus on what’s within the area. For example, kitchen remodeling usually focuses on the counters and layout, while bathroom remodeling puts more emphasis on the fixtures like the shower area or the bathtub. However, there are other features that can contribute to your remodeling project: your doors and windows.

Because most areas of the home draw attention elsewhere, not a lot of people consider the doors or windows as top priority features to remodel. However, giving these features a makeover can significantly affect how the rest of an area looks and functions in various ways, including:

Better access

Sure, that old door leading to the kitchen or living room still functions, but what if it can be replaced by a door that takes up less space and requires less effort to operate? How about a new door that has features to prevent your door from slamming into something else when pushed, or one that opens both ways?

Better lighting

Good interior design takes full advantage of natural light to emphasize the beauty of a certain part of the home. Most people are surprised by how changing windows can turn a boring room into a vibrant place, even without changing the colors of the curtains or furniture.

Better ventilation

Good ventilation helps fresh air circulate inside the home, so it also reduces the incidence of health problems associated with poor air quality. The same thing also applies to doors; add a screen door and you’re virtually getting an extra window. Replacing doors and windows with options that provide better ventilation will also help keep the house cool during the warm weather months.

Better aesthetics

While they’re not the main focus of a particular area, doors and windows can be replaced or remodeled to match the rest of the home’s features. This is especially true for bay or bow windows, which not only make an area appear larger, but also double as a potential spot for other features such as a breakfast or reading nook.

What other remodeling options should you consider if you have the cash to spare? Find out in part three as we wrap up this blog series on home remodeling.

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