A Guide to Giving Your Home a Proper Makeover: Part 3 – Other Home Remodeling Project Ideas for your home

Do you feel like you can do something more with your remodeling budget? If so, then you should probably consider other possible remodeling options available to you. Here’s a quick rundown of a few home remodeling ideas.

Adding a second floor

Do you think you need more indoor areas? Adding a second floor is one of the most drastic remodeling options available out there, but the benefits are great: increased home value, more bedrooms/bathrooms, fewer cramped areas down on the first floor, and the list goes on. Better be prepared to empty out your pockets, though: adding a second floor can easily set you back a hundred thousand dollars or more.

Repurposing your basement

For most homes, the basement serves as storage space, but a lot of people are also aware of the potential of having a second living room, family room, playroom, den, bar, or even a “dream” mancave in the basement. Repurposing a basement costs a little over 60,000 USD on average, but choosing the right options can help bring that cost down.

Remodeling the garage

Nobody likes a squeaky old garage door. Replacing it will not only make it quieter, but also look better. Garage remodeling projects also include adding features such as motion sensors and changing the driveway surface.

Converting the attic

Do you want to get more out of your attic than dust and cobwebs? Converting the attic into a stylish, cozy bedroom is pretty much like a smaller scale version of adding an extra floor, but the benefits are largely the same. Sure, it may take around 50,000 dollars (based on national average cost), but having a bed by an attic window with a good outdoor view makes it worth every cent.

Adding a wooden deck

Wood decks are back in style! Add a good place where you can simply lie back and relax. If you still want to have a deck but you’re looking for something more affordable, you can also consider having a composite deck built.

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