Be Watchful of these Telltale Signs on Your Windows

For all the protection and comfort your windows provide, you should also take care of them. Regular wear and tear, harsh weather conditions, and other elements all contribute to window inefficiency. Be watchful of the following signs to prevent further possible window damage:

Windows maintenance

Condensation Signals Inefficiency

Condensation forms along the corners of bottom of the glass when there is not enough ventilation or there is a high humidity in your home. Since this is an ideal environment for mold, it is important to run a dehumidifier, fan, or open a window to let in dry air from the outside.

Condensation forming between the panes of the glass is a telltale sign of seal deterioration resulting in air leakage. To ensure your windows in Illinois are working optimally, replace the moisture-filled panel with a new one.

Manufacturers fill our windows with gas, typically Argon, for energy efficiency and insulation. If you see condensation forming at the center of the glass, your windows may be experiencing a leak. This causes the glass to bend inward. If this is due to faulty manufacturing, you can easily ask for a replacement.

Difficulty in Operation

When debris builds up in the window track and other moving parts, you will have a hard time opening and closing them easily. Your windows in IL require maintenance to ensure they operate efficiently. Clean and lubricate the operation handle and other moving parts. If the sash is hard to open, apply a dry lubricant, such as a lithium grease, to smoothen the mechanism.

Water leakage can also occur if your windows aren’t closing tightly. If they are shut tight and water still finds its way inside, the leak may come from your roof or siding. Make sure to identify and repair all leakage to prevent water from entering at the window.

Drafty Windows Mean Less Insulation

Do not let drafty windows compromise the comfort and the energy efficiency in your home. If you notice peeling or chunks of your weather stripping become missing, it’s time to consider a replacement.

Choose from our energy-efficient replacement windows in Illinois with a lower U-value rating for increased insulation.

At NEXT Door and Window, we provide quality installation to ensure your windows will perform optimally. We also provide a full two-year labor warranty for any repairs due to faulty installation and intensive manufacturer-backed guarantee for the products. Call us now at (855) 893-6100 for a flawless window installation.

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