The years have been flying by, but we still wanted to take the time to share our favorite installations of 2022. Each project is unique to us and deserves recognition, but for the sake of this blog post, we have to limit it to just a few favorites. We thank our wonderful customers for supporting our small, local, family-owned business.

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4 Best Window Styles for Your Living Room

As the days grow shorter and the sun hides away, most homeowners want to bring more light into their living rooms through their windows and doors. Natural light can help reduce your energy bills, save money and help the earth. It also offers a range of benefits for your emotional and physical health. Below we’re sharing the 4 best windows for your

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Why You’ll Love Ultrex® Fiberglass Windows For Your Home

The seasons in Illinois can be rough on your home’s exterior. Today we’re going to share one of the best window materials in the industry—Infinity from Marvin Ultrex® Fiberglass windows. Fiberglass windows are the strongest window material compared to vinyl and wood windows. They can withstand extreme conditions, are known as the best insulating material, and require minimal maintenance. Another

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4 Ways Doors and Windows Can Improve the Look of Your Home Interior

Your home’s doors and windows function beyond energy efficiency and security. When properly planned, a door or window design could dramatically improve the look and feel of your home for years. Below we’ll explain the many aesthetic benefits and how doors and windows can influence your interior home look. 1. Add Color and Pattern   A door is more than

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6 Signs That You Need New Windows

Are your windows looking a little wonky, and you’re not sure if they need an upgrade? Fret not; today, we’re sharing the red flags and 6 signs to look for to know if your home needs new windows. As we make our way into summer, it’s a great season to stop planning and start doing those home renovations. Here are the 6

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How To Choose the Best Window Installers

Having your windows replaced is a significant investment, so it’s natural for you to want to get the most out of it. If you entrust your project to the right people, you can’t go wrong. This is why it’s essential to be careful about your choice of window installers. There are a lot of replacement window installers out there, but

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5 Popular House Styles and the Best Windows for Them

If your house’s aesthetic appeal lacks, and your windows aren’t matching, then it may be time to call in the experts. A house’s overall look needs complementary elements to be at its best. If even one piece doesn’t match the rest, it’ll stand out (and not in a good way). That’s why we’re sharing the five most popular house styles

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Our Favorite Door & Window Installations of 2021

It’s that time of year again when we share our favorite installations of 2021! This has been another challenging year for many, but our customers have shown up in a big way to support our small, local business. We are so grateful to you. Each installation is unique to us and deserves mention, but for the sake of this blog

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Beautiful Home Office Window Ideas

With this unexpected shift in our routines, many of us are now working from home daily. It can be hard for some to stay inspired when working from home, but we believe that the space you create around you can help greatly. An easy way to improve the appearance and functionality of your home office is to install new windows.

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Vinyl Vs Wood & Fiberglass Windows: Benefits & Drawbacks

Your window frames are an important consideration when it comes to getting a replacement. In the past, the frame solely functioned to hold the windowpane together, but a lot has changed since then. The right frame and window material now depends on your preferred style, performance, and budget. To help you choose new windows for your living space, we have

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