A Comparison of Fiberglass Windows: Pella vs Marvin

There are a lot of window options out there to research when you’re looking for an upgrade. During your search, you’ll be bound to come across Marvin and Pella window collections.  Both Marvin and Pella are well-known for their quality, making them popular choices. But which is better?

Let’s discuss the differences in materials, designs, costs, and warranties to help decide which window collections are right for you. 

Marvin Fiberglass Window Product Lines

Marvin offers three distinct collections to choose from. 

Marvin Essential

The Marvin Essential® collection brings together quality, design, and performance in a streamlined package. Their strong, durable fiberglass exteriors and interiors are both beautiful and nearly maintenance-free. There are simplified options in this collection, making the process of choosing your windows very straightforward.  

Marvin Elevate

The Marvin Elevate® collection is the ultimate blend of design and superior strength, offering both exceptional design and durability. The proprietary fiberglass exteriors in this collection stand up to all of the elements, outlasting other materials like vinyl, foil-form aluminum, and other composites. 

Marvin Infinity

The Infinity From Marvin® collection is built to last in all climates. They utilize features like its Low-E coated glass, multiple glass panes, and Ultrex® fiberglass frames for exceptional durability and energy efficiency. These windows are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

Pella Fiberglass Window Product Lines

Pella Fiberglass has one product line. 

Pella Impervia

Pella Impervia windows have several benefits like: 

  • Nine product lines
  • Luxury division
  • Smart home technology available
  • Energy-efficient and sound-resistant windows

Fiberglass Window Comparisons

Both Marvin and Pella utilize fiberglass, but Marvin’s edges out Pella’s in durability. 

Marvin Ultrex Fiberglass

The Marvin collections use Ultrex® fiberglass, which is a high-density fiberglass designed for added resistance and durability. This fiberglass is 8 times stronger than vinyl and uses Low-E coating for boosted energy efficiency. 

Pella Impervia

Pella Impervia also uses fiberglass that is thermoset to ensure that it doesn’t change or melt in high temperatures. This fiberglass is coated with a heavy-duty powder, making it extra resistant to chipping, scratches, and cracks. 

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Marvin vs Pella: Which is Better?

Let’s break down what’s essential when looking for a window upgrade. 


Marvin has a major advantage over Pella in durability because they are well-known to have quality fiberglass made of high-density material. They also utilize extruded aluminum to give their windows higher durability for the long term. The paint used is commercial-grade PVDF fluoropolymer, which gives it a long-lasting, smooth glean. 

Energy Efficiency

Both Marvin and Pella have extremely energy-efficient windows, though Marvin has an edge. Both use Argon gas between two panes of glass to provide insulation. They also utilize Low-E coating that’s designed to trap heat in the winter and keep it cool inside in the summer while reflecting UV rays and infrared. 


The prices of the windows may vary due to both Marvin and Pella having more expensive and cheaper options. However, Marvin’s prices are overall lower. Marvin’s total cost of the window includes benefits like meeting AAMA 3605 requirements, while Pella raises the price for that same feature. 


Pella offers three packages for design options, while Marvin offers six. Marvin’s customizations are generally more flexible, offering a wide range of colors. They are also well-known for their high-standard paint finish. 


Both Marvin’s and Pella’’s products offer warranties, but Marvin’s warranty is a better deal. Pella only offers a 10-year warranty on the entire window. Marvin provides a warranty for 20 years on the interior and exterior, as well as 10 years on the other parts except for hardware. 

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Marvin fiberglass windows

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