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A Comparison of Fiberglass Windows: Pella vs Marvin

There are a lot of window options out there to research when you’re looking for an upgrade. During your search, you’ll be bound to come across Marvin and Pella window collections.  Both Marvin and Pella are well-known for their quality, making them popular choices. But which is better? Let’s discuss the differences in materials, designs, costs, and warranties to help

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Chicago Home Price Growth Makes a Strong Case to Replace Your Windows and Doors

            Take Advantage Of The Steady Home Value Growth And See More Curb Appeal With New Windows and Doors In recent articles published by several media outlets, the rise in Chicago home values was discussed at length in particular about Values in August from the previous year.  From the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, “Home prices in the

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What Is The Difference In Cost Between Vinyl Windows Vs. Fiberglass Windows?

  What is a Fiberglass Window?  Fiberglass windows are made from high-temperature melted glass, which is then drawn into fine glass fibers that are woven together. With highly durable features and requiring little maintenance, fiberglass is blended with resins to make it the perfect material for window frames. Fiberglass can be painted, boasts a smooth surface, and can be customized

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Why You’ll Love Ultrex® Fiberglass Windows For Your Home

The seasons in Illinois can be rough on your home’s exterior. Today we’re going to share one of the best window materials in the industry—Infinity from Marvin Ultrex® Fiberglass windows. Fiberglass windows are the strongest window material compared to vinyl and wood windows. They can withstand extreme conditions, are known as the best insulating material, and require minimal maintenance. Another

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