Chicago Home Price Growth Makes a Strong Case to Replace Your Windows and Doors







Take Advantage Of The Steady Home Value Growth And See More Curb Appeal With New Windows and Doors

In recent articles published by several media outlets, the rise in Chicago home values was discussed at length in particular about Values in August from the previous year. 

From the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, “Home prices in the Chicago area climbed 9.6% during August compared with the same time last year, new numbers show. The median sales price in the metro area was $339,000, a $29,000 jump from August 2022, according to data released Thursday by Illinois Realtors. The data showed that prices were down month-to-month from July to August.” 

And in CHICAGO BUSINESS,  it was stated, “ Chicago-area home prices are growing twice as fast as the nation’s, two reports released this morning show. It’s the exact opposite of what was happening a year ago. “ 

This makes a strong argument that now is the time to replace your windows and doors.  We know that an updated home only increases your curb appeal and home value.  

At Next Door & Window we carry the best and most durable products for your windows and doors. Ultrex fiberglass windows are designed to stop extreme weather. That is exactly what is needed for midwest winters. NEXT has been family owned since 2002, and we are 100% focused on windows and doors. 

So contact us today to get your project started. 

*You can read more about the CHICAGO TRIBUNE article here and the CHICAGO BUSINESS article here. 

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