Why You’ll Love Ultrex® Fiberglass Windows For Your Home

Home exterior with Ultrex Fiberglass windows

The seasons in Illinois can be rough on your home’s exterior. Today we’re going to share one of the best window materials in the industry—Infinity from Marvin Ultrex® Fiberglass windows. Fiberglass windows are the strongest window material compared to vinyl and wood windows. They can withstand extreme conditions, are known as the best insulating material, and require minimal maintenance. Another advantage of investing in fiberglass windows is that this material requires less maintenance. 


  • Ultrex® Fiberglass is 8x stronger than vinyl
  • Enhanced strength and durability
  • Lasts longer than wood or vinyl
  • 10-Year labor warranty on all Infinity Fiberglass products
  • Available in multiple window styles to best fit any home

When choosing your home’s window materials, it’s wise to consider durability, longevity, and energy efficiency. Infinity Ultrex® fiberglass meets all these factors. The result is a strong and durable material with several benefits and features. 

Ultrex window compared to vinyl



Ultrex® fiberglass is a compound made from glass cables and compounded resins bonded through pultrusion. This compound makes the material a lot stronger than vinyl and low-carbon steel. Manufacturers of this material use blades with diamond edges for cutting. This superior strength doesn’t just mean it can withstand strong impact from flying debris; it also means that we can offer replacement windows with narrower frames and a more expansive glass area. 


Manufacturers form Ultrex’s glass cables from silica sand. This procedure results in reduced demand for new plastic. Plus, windows with Ultrex® fiberglass have a long service life. This means you won’t replace your windows in a few years, reducing landfill waste.

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Ultrex® fiberglass can resist extreme temperatures with its low thermal expansion rate. It can also keep its shape where other window materials will crack or warp, resulting in consistent window operation throughout its service life.

Home front door entrance Ultrex window in living room


Ultrex® fiberglass doesn’t require sanding, scraping, or painting. The mechanically bonded finish resists scratches and prevents fading due to UV damage. With these features, Ultrex® fiberglass windows are virtually maintenance-free.


With energy-efficient windows, your home would need less heating and cooling, reducing energy costs. Ultrex® fiberglass frames feature superior insulation that complements the double or triple-pane glass options and low-E coatings. This combination helps prevent thermal transfer and keeps heat where you need it— inside during winter and outside in the summer.

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Ultrex fiberglass windows in bedroom Home exterior of fiberglass windows


As mentioned, Ultrex® Fiberglass is not only 8 times stronger than vinyl — it resists expanding and contracting in any climate (which is vital for living in Illinois). So you get a secured, snug fit that will last for years. These windows will also not stick, swell or warp, so they will continue to open and close with ease. Fiberglass also offers the best warranty.

Ultrex is 8 times stronger than vinyl

You can also choose a “wood” profile to get the “look” without the wood maintenance. This option makes fiberglass windows a good material for modern or traditional homes.

Kitchen fiberglass window

Another advantage of fiberglass is the option of narrow window frames. You get more of the outside view and less of the window bulk with narrow frames. And let’s not forget the energy efficiency and long-term performance you can get by choosing Ultrex® fiberglass windows.

Bedroom fiberglass window

NEXT Door and Window offers Infinity from Marvin fiberglass windows. With only a limited number of dealers in the Chicagoland area, we are proud to be an exclusive Infinity dealer in this market, offering this premium product.

Whether your current windows are leaky and energy inefficient or simply old and outdated, we offer various windows with ultra-durable fiberglass frames to stand the test of time. 

Dining room fiberglass windows

When you decide to replace windows in your home, turn to the experts at Next Door and Window. Our professional craftsmen will install the best replacement fiberglass windows for your home’s unique needs, ensuring that they fit perfectly and perform optimally.

Contact Next Door and Window today to learn more about the fiberglass windows we can install on your home. 


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