Vinyl Vs Wood & Fiberglass Windows: Benefits & Drawbacks

Your window frames are an important consideration when it comes to getting a replacement. In the past, the frame solely functioned to hold the windowpane together, but a lot has changed since then. The right frame and window material now depends on your preferred style, performance, and budget. To help you choose new windows for your living space, we have created an outline of the benefits of vinyl vs wood and fiberglass windows. Fiberglass does out preform and is 8 Times Stronger than vinyl.

Wood/Clad Windows 

Let’s start with the most popular and classic look of wood window frames. If you have a vision and you’re all about the details, wood windows may be the perfect material for you. The reason wood is a favorite among homeowners is that many homes have classic wood trim interiors and original architectural details that they would like to maintain. Flexible design options like wood species and stains help with historical accuracy. With proper maintenance, wood windows can give your home a timeless and elegant look.

Are Wood Windows Worth It?

Besides beauty, wood window frames offer several benefits including energy efficiency for your home. Wood insulates well and thoroughly protects interior spaces from cold and warm weather. In addition, this window material can improve your home’s resale value. It’s a look that homebuyers love and can appreciate.

With wood windows, you’ll have numerous shapes, styles, sizes, and options available which means more flexibility to meet any design challenge. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can help you design something that works for your home. Plus, our experts can help you visualize this final window look with our Home Visualizer tool that allows you to try on styles before buying.

How Long Do Wood Windows Last?

The key to having beautiful wood windows that last for many years is to know how to properly care for them. If you are comparing the differences between wood vs vinyl windows, it’s important to know that wood window frames require regular maintenance to maintain their appearance and condition. If wood is the window material you prefer, make sure to inspect the exterior periodically, remove surface dirt, and touch up any small damaged areas. Sometimes repainting is necessary.

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Fiberglass Windows 

Fiberglass windows are the strongest window material when compared to vinyl and wood windows. Simply put they are the best material when it comes to performance and energy efficiency.  These frames can withstand any extreme conditions. Fiberglass is known as the best insulating material and only requires minimal maintenance. If you are analyzing the differences between fiberglass vs wood windows, an advantage of investing in fiberglass windows is that this type of material requires less maintenance than wood. In addition, fiberglass windows 8 Times Stronger than vinyl.  Fiberglass lasts longer and stays snug for better energy efficiency over time. Plus, their narrow, modern frames provide more glass area for bigger more beautiful views.

What’s Better: Vinyl or Fiberglass Windows?

Fiberglass is not only 8 times stronger than vinyl — it resists expanding and contracting in any climate (which is key for living in Chicago). So you get a tight, snug fit that will last. These windows will also not stick, swell or warp so they will continue to open and close with ease. Fiberglass also offers the best warranty.

You can also choose a “wood” profile so you can get the “look” without the wood maintenance. This makes fiberglass windows a good material for modern or traditional homes. Another benefit of fiberglass is that the frame can be narrowed so that you can get more of the view outside of your window and less of the window frame. Let’s not forget the energy efficiency and long-term performance that you can get by choosing fiberglass windows.

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Vinyl Windows 

Vinyl windows are the most affordable of the three options mentioned here. Although they are a good economical option, vinyl windows do come with their share of other benefits for homeowners. If you are comparing the advantages of vinyl vs wood windows, a large number of homeowners choose to purchase vinyl windows because they offer excellent insulation and moisture resistance. The windows are usually made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with ultraviolet light (UV) stabilizers to resist damage caused by sunlight.

Should I Use Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl windows are low maintenance because they never need painting or scraping. They can withstand harmful elements and remain functional through the years. You only have to clean them with soap and water to preserve their beauty. Vinyl windows also have excellent insulating values to keep your home cool during summer and warm during winter. They come in an array of colors and finishes, as well as mimic the appearance of other materials. Overall, vinyl windows give you a great bang for your buck.

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Window Installation & Replacement Services

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