Marvin vs. Andersen Windows: Which Are Better?

Marvin vs. Andersen Windows

Marvin and Anderson both provide top-of-the-line windows. Marvin pioneered strong Ultrex fiberglass material, while Anderson’s windows use durable Fibrex material. But which is better? 

Let’s look at the benefits and differences between the two, go into more detail about the materials they use, and determine which is the best option for you. 

The Difference Between Andersen and Marvin Windows


Both Andersen and Marvin Signature windows are built with wooden frames and aluminum cladding, which provide a classic look to your home. The thin frames require very little maintenance and you can rest easy knowing that your energy efficiency is boosted due to the high-quality seal that they maintain. 

The difference comes when you compare Marvin Elevate’s ultra-durable fiberglass and Andersen’s Fibrex. Marvin’s fiberglass is not only stronger than Andersen’s Fibrex, but it also offers more natural light. 


In general, the prices of Marvin’s windows and Anderen’s windows are comparable. Both offer high-quality windows for a competitive price. 

However, Marvin beats Andersen as the superior product at a comparable price. The frame is more durable and the color will not wash out as easily. Marvin will give you the most out of your investment due to their high quality. 

Energy Efficiency

Marvin and Anderson offer window options that will boost the energy efficiency in your house. They bring down the cost of your energy payments and put an end to cold drafts leaking through the window. The way that they do this is comparable. With each brand, you can be guaranteed that their seals will hold up and protect you from the elements outside. 


Both Anderson and Marvin offer customization options. The Andersen E-series offers various wood species and 50 color options to choose from. You can also choose from a number of specialty windows in non-standard shapes.

Marvin also offers 19 different colors that will refuse to fade through exposure to the outside elements. Their aesthetic will continue to persevere as if it were new through extreme heat, ice, and high winds due to their patented acrylic exterior coating. 

Marvin Signature additionally allows you to choose the window type, grid patterns, molding, and more to personalize your window to the style of your home. 


The Anderson E-Series and Marvin Signature both have a 20-year warranty on their top-tier glass components. Marvin has a 10-year warranty on the frame, while Andersen has a 5-year warranty. These decades-long warranties just prove the confidence that each brand has in their product and how rare it is for their windows to break. 

There are some windows that have different warranties in each brand, so it’s important to look at the specific window you’re interested in to see what their warranty is. 

Ultrex vs Fibrex Windows

What is Ultrex by Infinity From Marvin?

Ultrex is a custom-reinforced fiberglass composite that is used by Marvin to create their windows and patio doors. This material has superior durability, strength, and stability to other window materials, including Fibrex by Andersen. 

Ultrex’s durability is unmatched. It won’t lose its shape or melt even in extreme temperatures up to 285 degrees Fahrenheit. The material can be subjected to 48,000 hours of sunlight without fading the thick, acrylic finish on Ultrex fiberglass. 

Marvin Elevate and  Infinity from Marvin windows are offered using the Ultrex material

Ultrex Fiberglass Construction: 

  • They start with thin strands of strong glass cables and saturate them with specifically compounded resins. 
  • They pull the strands through a heated dye and cut them with diamond-edged blades to form Ultrex. 
  • They top Ultrex off with their proprietary acrylic finish that is smoother and 3x thicker than their competitor’s options. 

What is Fibrex by Andersen?

Fibrex is a blend of 40% wood fiber by weight with 60% thermoplastic polymer by weight. It blocks thermal transfer better than aluminum, reducing your heating and cooling bills. It’s also twice as strong as vinyl and resists rot, decay, fungal growth, flaking, blistering, peeling, and corroding. 

Ultrex vs. Fibrex: Which Is the Better Option?

The simple answer is that Marvin’s Ultrex is the better option. It’s stronger, more durable, and has a longer lifespan than Fibrex. The material is of better quality all around and is a stronger investment, especially since their price is comparable to Andersen’s Fibrex. 

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