4 Tips for Choosing the Most Energy-Efficient Windows

Enhancing the energy efficiency of a residence is a motivation for homeowners contemplating upgrading or replacing their current windows. Energy-efficient window solutions not only bolster year-round comfort within the home but also offer substantial utility savings, helping homeowners conserve energy and enjoy greater financial freedom. Since so many options are available, homeowners must consider various factors that could impact the effectiveness and long-term benefits of new windows.

Choosing Window Glass Options

Insulated Glass

Insulated glass, whether in the form of double-pane or triple-pane windows, utilizes multiple glass panes separated by insulating spaces to reduce heat transfer and improve energy efficiency. These windows are widely used in modern construction to enhance comfort, reduce energy costs, and minimize environmental impact.

Double and Triple Pane Glass

Examine Energy-Efficiency Labels

National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC)

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) label provides detailed information on a window’s energy performance, including its U-factor, solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), visible transmittance (VT), and air leakage rating. This label enables consumers to make informed decisions based on specific energy performance metrics tailored to their climate and preferences. NFRC ratings help homeowners understand how well a window insulates against heat loss, blocks solar heat gain, allows natural light transmission, and prevents air leakage.


Windows bearing the ENERGY STAR® label have undergone rigorous testing and meet strict energy efficiency criteria set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). ENERGY STAR® certified windows are independently verified to perform efficiently in various climate zones, helping homeowners save on heating and cooling costs. These windows often feature advanced technologies such as low-E coatings, insulated glass, and high-quality framing materials to maximize energy savings.

Consider Window Frame Material

When considering window frame materials for replacement, it’s crucial to weigh factors such as style, performance, and budget. To aid in this decision-making process, we’ve outlined the benefits of wood, vinyl, and fiberglass windows.

Wood/Clad Windows

  • Classic Aesthetic: Wood windows offer a timeless and elegant look, making them a popular choice among homeowners who appreciate traditional charm. The natural grain and warmth of wood add character to any home.
  • Excellent Insulation: Wood is a natural insulator, providing effective thermal performance that helps keep indoor spaces comfortable year-round. This insulation can contribute to energy savings by reducing the need for heating and cooling.
  • Customizable Design Options: With wood windows, homeowners have a wide range of customization options available. From choosing different wood species to selecting stains or finishes, wood windows can be tailored to match any architectural style or design preference.
  • Maintenance Considerations: While wood windows offer aesthetic appeal and insulation benefits, they require regular maintenance to preserve their appearance and performance. This maintenance may include periodic inspections, cleaning, and occasional repainting or refinishing to protect against moisture and decay.

Fiberglass Windows

  • Exceptional Strength and Durability: Fiberglass windows are renowned for their strength and durability, making them a long-lasting investment for homeowners. They resist warping, cracking, and bending, even in harsh weather conditions.
  • Superior Insulation: Fiberglass is an excellent insulating material, offering high thermal efficiency and energy savings. Its low thermal conductivity helps minimize heat transfer, keeping indoor spaces comfortable and reducing heating and cooling costs.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Unlike wood, fiberglass windows require minimal maintenance. They don’t rot, decay, or corrode, and their smooth, non-porous surfaces are easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Narrow Frames for Larger Views: Fiberglass windows often feature slim profiles, maximizing the glass area for expansive views and allowing more natural light to enter the home. This design element enhances the overall aesthetics of the windows and the living space.

Selecting a Window Style 5 window styles to try in 2018

When considering energy-efficient windows for your home, it’s important to understand the different window designs available and their inherent efficiency characteristics. Here are the most common types:

Double-Hung Windows

  • Traditional units are found in many homes, especially pre-war buildings
  • Operate by sliding the bottom sash upward to open the window
  • Can be efficient choices but may not be ideal for extreme climates due to potential air intrusion between the sliders

Casement Windows

  • Popular in windy climates, as they seal themselves tighter when wind blows inward
  • Equipped with a crank that swings the window outward to open
  • Require maintenance on hinges and seals to ensure continued stability and efficiency

Picture Windows

  • Typically non-operable and come in various shapes and sizes
  • Despite not opening, picture windows can be efficient with the right glass choice and gas-filled interiors

Understanding the characteristics and considerations of each window type can help homeowners make informed decisions when selecting energy-efficient windows for their homes. Additionally, factors such as climate, maintenance requirements, and desired aesthetics should be taken into account to ensure optimal performance and comfort.

The Premier Provider of Energy Efficient Windows

Enhancing the energy efficiency of your home through the selection of energy-efficient windows is a wise investment that can lead to increased comfort and significant utility savings. With many options available, it’s important to consider factors such as window type, frame material, energy ratings, and climate suitability to ensure the best results.

At NEXT Door and Window, we understand the importance of finding the right windows for your home. Our team is dedicated to providing expert guidance and top-quality products to help you make informed decisions and achieve long-term energy savings. Contact us today for personalized assistance, and discover how our expertise can transform your home with energy-efficient windows.

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