Sidelight Windows: Tips to Improve Your Front Door

If you’re looking to add elegance and style to your entryway, there’s no better way than to add sidelight windows to your front door. These stylish windows are not only highly customizable and available in a variety of decorative styles, but they also open up your entryway to natural light and great views. 

Sidelight windows are a cost-effective, high-impact addition to your entryway that can boost its appearance and curb appeal immensely. Let’s discuss what exactly side windows are, what benefits they offer, and how much they typically cost. That way, you are prepared to select the best sidelight windows for your home and taste. 

What Are Sidelights?

Sidelight windows are narrow vertical windows that sit on one or both sides of a door. They can be installed on their own, but are most commonly built in the same frame assembly as the door itself. Sidelight windows can be stationary next to your door, or there are many modern options for fully operational windows that can open and close themselves. 

Front door with sidelight windows

Why Get Sidelights For Your Front Door?

There are a myriad of benefits to getting a front door with sidelights. 

Improved Appearance

Doors can often seem much smaller in proportion than your house as a whole. With sidelights, the presence of the door will be increased and feel more in place with your home. 

Sidelight windows can also be highly customized, with a massive selection of sizes, styles, and types of glass. Many styles can fully transform your entryway into one that reflects your personal taste and style. 

More Natural Light

One of the most appealing benefits of a front door with sidelight windows is how much natural light they can provide. It adds warmth and comfort to your home, especially in your entryway, the area of your house that is meant to feel the most welcoming. More natural light is also very convenient for keeping your home well-lit and reducing your reliance on the lights inside. 

Decorative Glass Options

Decorative glass in your sidelight windows can add elegance to your front door and show off your sense of style.  If you choose frosted or stained glass, it can provide an added layer of privacy. Your sidelight windows will still allow light indoors but also block others from seeing inside. 

Energy Efficiency

A common concern about a front door with sidelight windows is how they would affect the house’s energy efficiency. While some sidelight windows could affect your energy efficiency negatively, that is only with certain types of glass. 

Modern sidelights are designed and built with insulation channels and tempered glass that will not compromise your energy efficiency. 

Better Views

Sidelight windows offer a better view of the front of your house, so you can take in the sights of your neighborhood and enjoy small conveniences, like seeing who’s at the door before you answer it. 

Sidelight windows aren’t just for front doors, either. You can add sidelight windows to your patio doors and open up an entirely new view to enjoy. 

Modern home with front door sidelights

How Much Do Sidelights Cost?

Because there are so many options when it comes to an entry door with sidelight windows and the different styles and sizes that they can come in, it’s difficult to give them an accurate price without the specifics. 

For a standard door, the costs could look like this: 

  • Door without sidelight: $4,500
  • Door with one sidelight: $7,000
  • Door with two sidelights: $10,000

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