Awning Vs Casement Windows: What’s The Difference?

Awning and casement windows are similar in many ways. It can be difficult to decide which one best suits the needs of your window installation or replacement. It all comes down to the small differences and benefits that each one offers. 

Let’s discuss what awning and casement windows are, what their pros and cons are, how to decide between the two, and how NEXT Door & Window can help. 

What Are Awning Windows? 

Awning windows have side hinges that allow them to swing upward to open. The sloped surface directs rain and other precipitation away from the window opening.  This allows them to stay open if it’s lightly raining outside to let the air in. Most of them are operated by hand crank, though some of them can be pushed open. 

Awning window

Awning Windows Pros & Cons



Since awning windows open to the outside, they catch the breeze and pull it into your house, creating excellent ventilation. Additionally, they can stay open when it’s raining without letting any water inside. 

Light & Visibility

There are no bars or check rails on awning windows, only a single sash. Because of this, you get an unobstructed view and the maximum amount of light allowed inside. 

Can Fit Into Small Areas

Awning windows fit well above kitchen sinks and in bathrooms


Need Exterior Space

Awning windows need room to swing out. 

Exterior Glass Cleaning

The awning window’s exterior glass may need cleaning from the outside because it’s difficult to reach the exterior glass from inside the house. 

May Not Meet Egress Requirements

Awning windows may not provide large enough openings to serve as egress windows. An egress window is a window that can be used as an escape route in case of an emergency. 

What Are Casement Windows? 

Casement windows have side hinges that allow them to swing open to the left or right of the window frame. Most of them are operated by a hand crank, though there are some available that can be pushed open. When these windows are closed, there’s an internal latch that will keep the window securely shut. 

Casement windows come in many different sizes, typically designed for window openings that are greater in height than they are in width. 

Casement Window Pros & Cons


Uninterrupted Views

Casement windows offer an uninterrupted view from your home. The extra glass area also offers more natural light to enter. 


With casement windows, there’s the flexibility to open the window completely or slightly, depending on how much ventilation that you want. 

Easy Cleaning

Many casement windows rotate fully on both sides so that every part of the glass is accessible from the inside of your house. 


Open Outward

Casement windows swing open, so the area outside of it needs to be cleared so that they can operate smoothly. 

Can’t Stay Open During Rain

Unlike awning windows, casement windows will let rain inside if you leave them open. 

How to Pick Between Awning & Casement Windows

Choosing between awning and casement windows will come down to where you want the window to be installed. Because casement windows are taller than they are wide, they fit better in narrow areas. Awning windows are wider than they are tall, so they suit a wider area. 

How Much Do Awning Windows Typically Cost? 

The cost of an awning window is dependent on their size, however, awning windows can range anywhere between $400-$12,000.

How Much Do Casement Windows Cost? 

Casement windows can cost anywhere from $600-$1,400, depending on size, style, and material. 

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