Decorating Your Home with Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Windows offer several benefits for your home, including increased curb appeal and improved energy efficiency. They can also give you an excellent view of the outdoors. If your home overlooks a view, you can maximize its effect by installing floor-to-ceiling replacement windows in Burr Ridge, IL. Here are some ways to decorate these windows.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Preserving an Unobstructed View

One of the best ways to use floor-to-ceiling windows is by preserving the view. If your home features a large and open space, it should be fairly easy to maintain clutter-free windows. Install several windows together to completely fill a wall and keep a few feet of empty space in front of it. This captures the view and frames it perfectly, allowing you to enjoy its entirety.

Making the Most of the View

To fully enjoy the view, you can place a chair by the window. This can serve as a tranquil spot for brainstorming or meditating. A bench offers sleeker lines and can accentuate your windows, while an armchair can offer a comfortable seat. Choose Burr Ridge replacement windows with frames that complement the color palette of your room.

Maximizing the Space Between

You can also install floor-to-ceiling windows with spaces in between. You can then fill this space up with different furniture to further improve the room’s appeal and function without obstructing the view. You can place a narrow bookshelf between windows or shelving that holds decorative items and necessities.

The large glass area can also improve your home’s energy efficiency by providing natural lighting. Too much sunlight, however, can cause harm. This is why we offer windows that provide superior energy efficiency. Our glider windows, for example, come with several glass packages that reduce damaging UV rays and the absorption of heat. This ensures a comfortable atmosphere, despite the amount of light.

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