Presenting Your Good Side: How To Enhance And Maintain Your Home’s Visual Appeal – Part I: How To Look Your Best

Part of feeling good about yourself is knowing that you look good, and knowing our homes and personal spaces look good is part of this sense of well-being.  There’s a sense of personal fulfillment and contentment that only comes with knowing your home is a comfortable and beautiful place to live. 

Here are some tips on how to show your home to its best advantage:

Form follows function

At its most basic, your home must be able to fulfill its purpose.  Nothing is attractive about a pretty but useless piece of property.  When it’s good to consider how your home looks, it’s also important to  make sure that it can  do what it’s supposed to.

Balance and symmetry

Regularity is one of the keys to beauty; if your home’s features are  lopsided, then the effect usually becomes too jarring to be considered attractive.  Consider the spacing of your home’s features, as well as the overall distribution of those features.

Combining colors

Sticking to just one color is easy but boring.  Use matching and contrasting colors to highlight the features of your home and surrounding areas.  Things like your home’s architectural style, nearby vegetation or geographic features, and the materials your walls and roof are made of can all provide ideas for mixing and matching your home’s exterior colors.

Picking out your windows

The look and style of your windows affect the character of your home; they offer a great foundation which you can build on and add other features to match or contrast the colors on the rest of your home. Keeping functional features like lighting, ventilation, and the placement of the windows in mind, look for windows in styles that go well with your home’s architecture.

Don’t forget your garage doors

Your garage doors form a large part of your home’s style statement, just as much as your windows.  With multiple exterior styles and operating mechanisms to choose from, your choice of garage door can serve to greatly complement the rest of your home’s look.

Present a good front (door)

One thing that should draw focus is your front entryway.  Let the entrance to your home stand out.  Bold colors, as well as lighting, landscaping, and other accessories will help to play up the impact of your choice of front door.

It’s hard enough getting your home to look good, but how do you keep it looking good? Look for this in Part II.

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