Presenting Your Good Side: How To Enhance And Maintain Your Home’s Visual Appeal – Part II: Keeping Up Appearances

Nothing lasts forever.  Your home may look good now, but without the effort to keep it looking that way, your home will eventually deteriorate and break down.  When it comes to keeping up your home, you only get out of it what you put into it.  Keeping the right mindset about your home’s maintenance and upkeep is key to keeping your home aesthetically pleasing and appealing.

Doors and windows

The steps needed to keep your doors and windows in good shape run pretty much along the same lines; unsurprising, considering they have similar functions: controlling entry in and out of your home.  Things to look out for are:

Drafts and air leaks – your door or window may need caulking or weatherstripping.  Check for peeling and gaps in the existing caulking and weatherstripping.

Difficulty of operation – hinges may need adjusting; look for buildup of dirt and debris along door and window tracks.  Rollers may need cleaning and lubricating.

Insecure frame – if you can rattle the window or door frame, it’s not secure and can let in both rain and outside air.

Cracks – cracked glass panes in windows or doors should be replaced; similarly, if you can see light through a crack in the door, the door frame, or window frame, those need to be replaced as well.


Rot – If you spot signs of rot in your siding, you need to find out how widespread it is.  If it’s just a few boards, you can replace those piecemeal.  Widespread rot may necessitate replacing your siding wholesale.

Holes, cracks, gaps – the presence of any of these three allows water to penetrate under the siding, and provides an entrance for pests and insects as well.  Damaged siding should be replaced.

Air leaks and drafts – drafts in parts of the walls, around switches, and near electrical receptacles mean insufficient insulation.  Consider replacing siding in addition to adding insulation.

Deformed siding – from different angles, inspect your siding for bulging and warping, and replace boards as necessary.

Moisture and mold – water discolorations and mold formation inside your home may mean a problem with your siding.  Inspect your siding and insulation, and replace or reinforce as necessary.

Stay tuned for Part III, where we discuss other factors that affect your home’s aesthetic appeal.

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