3 Benefits of Investing in Marvin Signature Patio Doors For Your Home

When it’s time to replace your old patio doors, Marvin is the best brand to research. Few manufacturers can match what this exterior door company brings to the table, and for great reasons.

As the leader in entry, storm, and patio doors in Illinois, NEXT Door & Window wants to share the unmistakable features and benefits of Marvin patio doors. If you’re looking for a smart solution for your patio door replacement, we can give you three reasons your search ends with this iconic brand:

Advantages of Purchasing Marvin Patio Doors

1.) Wood Meets Aluminum

Marvin Signature offers the best of both worlds by proving its customers with wood and aluminum patio doors. This combination of materials are integrated to create a patio door that is structurally superior from the inside out. We have a huge array of high-quality wood options at your disposal, allowing you to harness the classic charm and exceptional performance of your chosen wood species.

If you want to enjoy the utility of wood with fewer upkeep requirements, aluminum-cladded Marvin doors are the answer. Unlike roll-form aluminum, Marvin’s extruded aluminum takes chalking and fading resistance to new heights. If you’re looking for the best patio doors, Marvin offers a variety of color choices to complement the architectural design of the exterior of your house.

2.) Traditional or Contemporary Door Styles

Whether you want a modern-style sliding or French patio door, investing in Marvin doors will help enhance the energy-efficiency and security of your house. Regardless of your chosen style, all Marvin patio doors have impressive Energy Star® and NFCR ratings. Reinforced with heavy-duty and classy hardware, you can rest assured to have reliable handles and security lock components for your patio doors.

3.) Beauty and Strength

Unlike standard products, patio doors by Marvin are as stunning as they are functional. Apart from their ergonomic design, this brand’s patio fixtures are sleek and elegant to add glamour to your spaces. A new patio door is guaranteed to operate flawlessly for a long time and Marvin is the name to trust when it comes to long-lasting performance.

Marvin Patio Door Installation From NEXT Door & Window

Entrust your patio door replacement project in the Chicagoland area only to capable hands. Give our staff a call by phone at (630) 280-2748 to receive help with selecting and installing a new Marvin patio door in your home. In addition, our team of licensed technicians offers dependable window replacement services to households in your neighborhood. We offer a large number of doors and windows from Marvin Signature, Sunrise, Infinity From Marvin, and Marvin Elevate. Give our team a call to discuss the benefits of purchasing new windows and doors for your home.

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