Top 4 Things to Consider When Choosing Sunroom Windows

A sunroom is essentially a room made almost entirely of windows. This means the choice you will make is more significant than a typical window installation. Sunrooms are similar to patios in that it’s basically an extension of your indoor living space, except that they function more as an enclosure. Think of the process as buying bigger replacement windows. The price and longevity is exponentially affected by every selected component. To help you plan your new sunroom, our experts at Next Door & Window created a list of 4 factors to consider when purchasing sunroom windows.

Types of Sunroom Windows

Prior to selecting a type of windows for your new sunroom, you will need to consider factors such as the location of the sunroom and the weather conditions in your region. In addition, you will be required to determine the purpose of the sunroom before you purchase new energy-efficient windows. Depending on the size of your house, you may choose to use your sunroom as an extended dining room, office, bar, garden, living room, or entertainment space. To help you enhance the functionality of your home, we have created a list of different types of windows that are perfect for sunrooms.

Sliding windows

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are equipped with large panes of glass that allow you to enjoy the view of your backyard. This type of sunroom windows can be opened by pushing the window pane in a horizontal direction. Slider windows can be manufactured with an array of finishes and glass styles to compliment the accent colors in your sunroom.

Sunroom with picture windows

Picture Windows

Although an advantage of building a sunroom includes enjoying the outdoor air, you may choose to purchase picture windows for inaccessible locations such as the top section of a wall. Picture windows feature a massive pane of glass that cannot be opened. This type of window is designed to increase the amount of natural light in your sunroom. In addition, homeowners in cold climates may choose to install picture windows on each wall to eliminate drafts and improve insulation.

Sunroom with casement windows

Awning & Casement Windows

Casement windows are integrated with hinges and are designed to open sideways to allow fresh air to enter your sunroom. While casement windows are easy to operate, this type of window can let rain enter your sunroom when they are open. Awning windows feature hinges near the top to stop rain from entering the living space while allowing warm air to exit the sunroom.

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Sunroom bay window

Bay & Bow Windows

If you are looking for ways to increase the size of your sunroom, bow windows and bay windows can be utilized to create dining or seating areas. These windows offer large views of the surrounding trees and nature in your backyard. In addition, investing in bay and bow windows is an easy way to add character to your sunroom.

White Double hung windows

Double-Hung Windows

Before you start to build your new sunroom, it’s important to hire a licensed contractor to ensure the new living space follows local codes. In addition, a qualified technician can help you assemble a sunroom that does not compromise the appearance of your yard. To enhance the curb appeal of your home, you may consider installing double-hung windows to improve the ventilation in your sunroom. Double-hung windows can be constructed to accommodate custom dimensions and are available in a variety of finishes and styles.

Window Glass Options for Sunrooms

Double-Pane Windows

Do not attempt to build a sunroom without a licensed technician. If you build the living space incorrectly, it may allow warm air to escape in the winter and cold air to escape in the summer. Depending on the climate in your area, it may be necessary to purchase double-pane windows for your sunroom. Double-pane windows feature gas between the two pieces of glass that is engineered to improve the insulation of your home. The type of gas that is utilized in double-pane windows is called argon.

Sunroom Double-pane window glass

Single vs Double Pane Windows

Double-pane windows are constructed with 2 panes of glass that are designed to prevent heat loss in your sunroom. Krypton and argon gas can be utilized between glass panes to enhance the insulation and efficiency of your house. Double-pane windows are more expensive when compared to double vs single-pane windows. Do not purchase single-pane windows for your sunroom. These types of windows are not equipped with ultraviolet protection or insulation.

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Low-E Coatings

An important way to maintain a livable temperature in your sunroom is to purchase windows with a Low-E coating. This type of coating is engineered to allow natural light into the living space while reflecting excess heat energy. Purchasing replacement windows with a Low-E coating will keep the temperature in your sunroom safe during the winter and summer seasons.

Sunroom Window Frames & Materials

There are several types of window frames and materials to choose from for your sunroom. A great, low-maintenance option to consider is fiberglass. Cladded frames such as wood, fiberglass or aluminum are a beautiful option for sunrooms. Most cladded frames won’t require repainting and have a wider selection of finishes. At Next Door and Window, we offer an array of choices from many trusted manufacturers.

Sunroom window frames


You will want plenty of fresh air flowing through the sunroom on a nice day, so windows that can be opened and closed with ease are a must. For instance, our casement windows are the best option to enhance the ventilation in your sunroom.

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