4 Best Window Styles for Your Living Room

Living room windows exterior

As the days grow shorter and the sun hides away, most homeowners want to bring more light into their living rooms through their windows and doors.

Natural light can help reduce your energy bills, save money and help the earth. It also offers a range of benefits for your emotional and physical health.

Below we’re sharing the 4 best windows for your living room to brighten your home and beautifully transform the space.


A corner window is an excellent way to bring natural light into your living room. Corner windows make the most of your outdoor views, creating a design focal point from interior and exterior angles.

This stunning window will expand your natural view and capture light from several directions. A living room corner window is ideal for homes with trees or a beautiful landscape. Plus, its clean look is perfect for modern homes or minimalist design lovers.

Living room corner windows Living room corner window interior


Bay window styles have three or four smaller units installed side-by-side. Together, these smaller units make up an expansive glass area that allows more sunlight to trickle into the room. Bow windows are like bay windows, only with softer curves and angles.

If you have standard living room windows, consider replacing them with a bay or bow window. Both bay and bow windows protrude from the exterior walls, which gives homeowners added floor space—perfect for setting up a sitting area or reading nook in the living room.

You’ll have a finer view of the outdoors, as these windows offer a sense of openness without sacrificing energy efficiency and security. NEXT Door & Window’s bay and bow windows provide air-tight insulation, so you never have to worry about the energy you do use slipping out of your home—this is so important during all of our seasons.

Not sure how a bay or bow window will look in your home? Our Design and Energy experts can help you create the look with our Home Visualizer tool, allowing you to try styles before buying.

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Living room bay window Living room bay window exterior


Casement windows are an “architecturally neutral” replacement window style that fits well with just about any type of house. These windows feature easy-to-use hand crank mechanisms for better controlling ventilation indoors, which is essential in a heavily trafficked space like a living room.

We offer Infinity from Marvin casement windows made of Ultrex fiberglass, making them stronger than vinyl and easier to maintain than wood. Consider adding living room casement windows to improve the look and functionality of your home. You can also choose narrow frames with tall, vast glass areas—perfect for letting in views and lighting into your living area. You can customize casement windows with specific grille patterns for a softer look or leave it as is for your house’s sleek and contemporary design.

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Living room casement windows interior Living room casement windows


Picture windows feature a massive pane of glass that cannot be opened. This type of window significantly increases your living room’s natural light and looks beautiful when combined with casement or corner windows. In addition, homeowners in cold climates may choose to install picture windows on each wall to eliminate drafts and improve insulation.

Living room picture windows Living room picture window interior


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