5 Top Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Replacement Windows

It is said that making mistakes is normal and at times okay because it’s through them that people learn. However, there is no room for mistakes when it comes to major investments for your home. To ensure you do not waste money, we have created a list of the top mistakes to avoid when purchasing new windows.

Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing New Windows

1. Choosing & Installing Improperly Sized Windows

This is one of the risks when you decide to buy ready-made replacement windows. In other cases, some window contractors don’t get your frame’s specifications before installation because they use pre-made sets. Some might fit but still have gaps. It is critical that windows are measured and ordered to the 1/8 inch for proper sealing and fit.

Window Installation 2. Considering Only the Initial Cost

While thinking about the cost of the window you’re going to purchase, it’s important to note that buying replacement windows is also a form of investment. Depending on the material you will choose, the cost for maintenance, cleaning, and painting will be needed in the future. Always consider the type of material such as vinyl, wood/clad, or fiberglass, which have varying benefits. Additionally, windows can be installed into your old frames or with all new frames and casing. Be sure to understand both methods to see which is best for your home.

3. Taking Maintenance For Granted

Maintenance prolongs your windows’ lifespan so that they will remain in mint condition. If you buy replacement windows, performing continuous maintenance is an easy way to boost the resale value of the windows, depending on how well you were able to take care of them. Maintenance cost and requirements vary, depending on the material of your windows. Fiberglass windows have been found to require the least amount of maintenance compared to other options.

Windows f4. Ignoring Security

While it is the window’s job to provide you with a view, it should also keep you safe and secure, serving as a line of defense, while you are inside the house. Prior to buying a replacement window, it’s important to talk with a professional and inspect it to ensure it’s strong enough to stop intruders from entering the living space. Some windows have optional Window Opening Control Devices to limit operation for added safety and security.

5. Hiring the Wrong Installer

Hiring a qualified expert to perform reliable window installation services in Plainfield, IL is critical to prevent mistakes. Even the best window if installed improperly could lead to air and water leaks. It is very important to check the reputation of your installer online, look at references, and ensure they are properly trained for window replacement.

Window Installation Window Installation & Replacement Services

You don’t have to make mistakes. Achieve the best results by avoiding these five common replacement window mistakes. If you need assistance finding replacement windows in the Chicago area, give our team a call at (630) 280-2748. We offer window replacement and door installation services to homeowners. Our team provides fast and trustworthy window replacement services in Western Springs, IL and other areas. We’re here to help.

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