5 Types of Window Grid Styles & Patterns For Homes

Grids are beautiful pieces of wood or aluminum that are integrated on the exterior or interior of your window panes to add texture to your traditional or modern home. Investing in new windows with grids on the exterior of the glass is an excellent way to add character to a colonial home. On the other hand, window grid patterns can be customized to compliment the decor in various types of houses such as victorian, craftsman, cottage, contemporary, mediterranean, and colonial. To help you enhance the appearance of your property, we have created a list of different types of window grid styles. We have summarized the types of decorating styles each type of window compliments.

Types of Window Grid Patterns

Perimeter Windows

Perimeter Grid Windows

Windows with a perimeter grid are assembled with vertical frames that are inserted near the edges of the glass panes. In addition, this type of pattern features horizontal frames that are installed near the top and bottom of the window panes. To increase the amount of natural light in your living space, perimeter grid windows are not built with frames in the center of the glass panes. The middle portion of the glass panes is left empty to allow light to enter your dining room, kitchen, bathroom, or living room.

Windows with perimeter grids can be utilized to add lines and movement to new houses. In addition, contractors utilize this type of window grid style to restore character to craftsman homes. If you like the appearance of wood frames but would like to enjoy the view of your backyard or property, purchasing new windows with a perimeter grid is an excellent solution.

Prairie Grid Windows

Prairie Grid Windows

Prairie or perimeter by sash windows includes a total of 9 lights that are designed to add symmetry to the exterior of your home. This window pattern features horizontal and vertical grids that divide the glass pane into small squares that vary in size. If each of the houses in your neighborhood have a similar appearance, purchasing prairie grids is an excellent method that can be used to add lines and movement to your home. In addition, perimeter by sash windows are utilized by licensed contractors to return Victorian homes to their former glory.

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Colonial Grid Windows

Colonial Grid Windows

A window with a colonial grid is assembled with a glass pane that is divided into smaller squares. Colonial grids became popular in traditional American houses and can be personalized by doing both or top sashes. Colonial windows are a beautiful addition to houses with wood siding, exterior brick, or vinyl siding.

Diamond Grid Windows

Diamond Grid Windows

Windows that are equipped with diamond grids feature frames that are inserted into the glass panes at diagonal angles. Currently that pattern is not very popular and not many customers are deciding to use it on their windows. The unique angles of the grids on the window panes resemble a unique diamond shape. Diamond grids are utilized in European houses to enhance the ambiance of living areas. In addition, a large number of homeowners choose to purchase windows with diamond grids for a single room in a house such as a master bedroom or bathroom. This type of window grid style can be used in Tudor style houses.

Top row grid windows

Top Row Grid Windows

Windows that are built with a top row grid are equipped with grids on the top section of the window. This type of grid style is popular among homeowners that are looking for ways to add layers or lines to their home without compromising the outdoor views. Windows with top row grids feature a row of grids on the top portion of the window and an unobstructed glass pane on the bottom. If you’re struggling to choose between transparent windows and windows with decorative patterns, investing in windows with top row grids may be the perfect option for you.

Window Patterns


How to Choose the Correct Window Grid Styles For Your Home

Cape Cod and Colonial Homes

Cape Cod and Colonial homes traditionally have double-hung windows with simulated divided lights. Ideal grid pattern is usually 6’ to 8” but for the windows with different window sizes, grille spacing can be adjusted for the most authentic and aesthetically pleasing look.

Prairie Houses

To truly bring out the character of your Prairie home, use casement replacement windows with square panes in the corners and long lights along the top, bottom, and sides. This window pattern leaves the center of the glass pane empty to increase the amount of sunlight in your home.

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Craftsman Homes

When it comes to arts and crafts, double-hung windows with plain bottoms and divided top panels work best. Since elongated panes are normal, we recommend purchasing windows with grid styles that consist of two or three long lights on the upper sash without any cross muntins.

Victorian Houses

As Victorian homes are famous for their elaborate decors, double-hung windows with a diamond-patterned grid style on the top and a full-glass panel on the bottom are a great choice. On the other hand, six or eight light–grid patterns on both the upper and lower sashes of double-hung windows lend Victorian homes a distinctive appeal. However since that pattern is not very popular anymore we also recommend considering custom grids options.

Contemporary Homes

As plain glass panels are popular in modern home styles, your replacement windows would be fine without grids. If you really want to add a type of grid style to the windows in your contemporary home, you should keep it as simple as possible.

Bathroom Window Patterns

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