7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

high-quality window installation Timing is an essential factor when you’re planning a window replacement. You’ll want to make the most of your current windows life cycle. At the same time, you do not want to remove your old windows until they start to compromise your quality of life. For this reason, you should learn how to spot the telltale signs of window failure. NEXT Door and Window is a provider of high-quality replacement windows in Illinois. Our team will help you choose new windows to enhance the style of your home. To help you determine the source of discomfort in your home, we have compiled a list of 7 signs you need to replace your windows.

Signs You Need To Invest in New Windows in Your Home

Faulty Window Operation

Most aging windows develop balance issues, which lead to jamming and sticking. The formation of rust, rotting, or mold may also factor into this, indicating that your existing windows are nearing the end of their service life. With our large catalog of new window options, you can expect years of reliable performance without too much maintenance.

Recurring Presence of Cold Drafts

If you feel a draft when you’re close to your windows, this is an indicator that their seals are damaged and it’s time to invest in replacing your windows. This compromises your home’s thermal stability, putting extra load on your HVAC system and leading to higher energy bills. With our large selection of new windows in Illinois, you no longer have to worry about this issue. Our window selection of Infinity® from Marvin keeps a durable, weather-tight seal that prevents air infiltration and leakage. Replacing your windows will ensure the expensive energy remains inside your home. By keeping the temperature pleasant without putting extra load on your HVAC, you can enjoy considerable energy savings.

window condensation between glass panes Excessive Window Condensation Between the Glass Panes

You might notice “sweat” on your windows on particularly cold days. Condensation can mean that your current windows’ glazing is losing its effectiveness. Due to failing seals, it’s easy for moisture to find its way between the glass panes, forming condensation. There are 2 types of condensation: interior and exterior. Exterior condensation usually occurs in the warmer months and interior condensation in the winter months. Interior condensation is most often caused by extreme cold outside and excess moisture present inside the home. There are measures that can be taken to reduce interior condensation. To prevent this type of issue, we recommend you invest in our new energy-efficient windows.

Audible Outside Noise

Do you hear every car horn, dog bark, and other traffic noises from inside your home? If you’re wondering when is the perfect time to replace your windows, excess noise is a sign your windows are not providing enough insulation. Marvin windows are engineered to reduce sound transfer, resulting in quieter, more relaxing living spaces.

Decay and Water Damage on Window Frames

Age and extreme weather can be harsh on your windows. In fact, they might sustain enough damage that window repairs just won’t cut it. If your existing units have cracks, broken glass, chipping, rotting, mold or decay, replace your old windows to enhance the décor of your house. Our Infinity from Marvin windows in Illinois use Ultrex® fiberglass frames, ensuring superior durability and longer-lasting performance.

person stressed about high utility bills from poor window insulation High Utility Bills

Do you start shivering when you sit in the dining room directly next to your windows? As your old single pane windows reach the end of their life, miniature cracks and leaks will start to form between the frames. Once the air-tight seal between the glass panes and frames becomes damaged, you will need to need to replace your windows to eliminate the drafts in your house. The small holes and cracks between the glass panes will allow cold air to enter your household. This will cause the total cost of your utility bill to increase each month.

To confirm if you have a leak in your windows, grab a gas lighter. Next, hold the lighter close to the corners of the glass panes in your window. If the flame twinkles when it’s held to the window, this is a sign of cold air entering your home. The staff at Next Door & Window in Illinois offer beautiful windows that feature Low E3, Low E2, or Low E3/ERS layers with argon gas that are designed to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. If your electricity and gas bills are high each month, this is a sign of a leak that can be fixed by replacing your windows.

Severe Storms

If you live in the Chicago area, you are familiar with the damaging effects of wind and moisture on your windows. High windows can cause cracks to form in your glass panes and windows. In addition, it is not abnormal for vinyl cladding to become scratched and damaged during a severe storm. If you are thinking about installing new windows, you will need to purchase windows that are assembled with a durable extruded aluminum or fiberglass that are designed to withstand severe weather.

Marvin windows are integrated with a strong aluminum or fiberglass cladding that is configured over the wood frame. The wood frames are engineered to provide dependable insulation and the cladding will reduce the total amount of maintenance needed. Aluminum and fiberglass cladding provides superior protection to high humidity, wind, and rain when compared to vinyl cladding.

Comprehensive Window Replacement to Illinois Property Owners

Do not allow the old and worn windows to negatively impact the temperature and humidity in your home. Give our team a call by phone at (630) 280-2748 to become familiar with our window replacement and installation services in Illinois. In addition, our team offers dependable front door installation services for small to large homes. Our staff will give you a free quote on new windows by brands such as Marvin and Sunrise.

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