Can You Install Replacement Windows During the Chicago Winter?

Summer isn’t the only season that is a great time for window replacement. Winter is just as safe, efficient, and convenient as summer window replacement installations. In fact, winter is an excellent time for new windows, as it’s the season when you will suffer cold drafts and chills in your home if your windows are not working properly. 

Let’s discuss the common questions about winter window replacements, why winter is a great time for new windows, and how you can work with NEXT Door & Window to start your journey to a warmer and more energy-efficient winter with our professional window installation services

Things You Need to Know About Installing Windows During the Chicago Winter

Can Replacement Windows Be Installed in the Winter?

Winter is a great time to install replacement windows, as long as the weather conditions are not hazardous to the technicians or your home’s interior. Our team at NEXT Door & Window will ensure that they check the weather conditions of your installation date and reschedule in advance if extreme weather conditions approach. It’s essential to keep your home protected from the weather and added moisture during the installation process.  Rest assured your NEXT team is trained for winter installation. 

Is it Cheaper to Replace Windows During the Winter? 

Because there is typically a lower demand for window replacements in the winter months, you may be able to find great sales that may help lower your costs. 

Will My House Get Cold From Installing Windows During Winter?

While this is a common concern amongst homeowners, installers take many steps to ensure that as little cold as possible enters your home during the installation process. 

They will: 

  • Install one window at a time
  • Close doors
  • Use floor-plastic ceiling barriers

How Cold is Too Cold to Install Windows? 

The cold doesn’t stop window installers. They will use materials that don’t lose their properties when the temperature is below freezing point to ensure a smooth process during winter installation. However, if the weather conditions would put themselves or your home in danger, it’s essential to wait to install replacement windows until those conditions have cleared up. 

window installation during the winter

Why Winter is a Great Time to Buy New Windows in Chicago

Energy Efficiency

If you’re in need of replacement windows in the colder months, you will notice that there is a chill in your home and possible cold drafts coming through your windows. Trying to heat your home with your windows allowing the cold in will be energy inefficient and expensive. 

With new replacement windows, your home will be able to retain heat better, making it less expensive to heat.  

Minimal Heat Loss

There will be minimal heat lost during the installation process because installers take extra care to ensure that the cold doesn’t sneak in. They guarantee that your home will remain comfortable as they install and only work on one window at a time to avoid unnecessary cold air coming in. 

In-Depth Installation

Due to the cold, installers are focusing on one window at a time for installation to not only guarantee that your home stays warm but also to make sure that the products are adhering correctly. They use materials that are designed to be more durable and weather-resistant to do this due to the cold weather. The end product is window installations that are thorough and durable. 

New Replacement Windows for winter

Have a Warmer Winter With New Windows From NEXT Door & Window

At NEXT Door & Window, we only install the highest quality replacement windows. Our selections include the ultra-durable Marvin and Infinity From Marvin collections. Windows from Infinity From Marvin are designed with Ultrex® fiberglass, which is 8x stronger than vinyl, and feature Low-E coated glass specifically to help reduce heat transfer. Fiberglass windows are built for extreme weather. These windows will protect your home from cold drafts and other winter elements like no other.  

We are well-known throughout the Madison and Chicagoland areas for our superior products, efficient service, and exceptional results. We also treat all of our customers to the red carpet experience, which assigns you your own project manager to keep you up to date with the progress of your replacement or installation. 

At NEXT Door & Window, we are happy to provide: 

  • Experienced Technicians
  • Top-Quality Products
  • Custom Factory Paint And Stain Before Installation
  • An A+ BBB Rating
  • BBB Torch Award Winner for Ethics
  • Exceptional Service

Replace your windows with our dedicated team for a warm and cozy winter. 

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