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How to Spot & Repair Window Leaks

Leaky windows are a common problem for homeowners. That’s why checking regularly for any signs of window leaks is so important. If you do find a leak, it needs to be addressed immediately to avoid potential water damage or mold growth in your home. Let’s discuss the signs to look out for, the most common causes of window leaks, and

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Is Your Window Condensation Normal or Not?

Are your windows “sweaty”? This sweat is called condensation and can be a normal part of a window’s life. When warm indoor air mixes with cool outdoor air, condensation forms; it’s similar to how your bathroom mirror fogs up when you take a hot shower. But what if you have windows that are experiencing too much moisture or condensation? That can indicate

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A Homeowner’s Guide to Window Condensation

Are you noticing a “sweat” building up on your windows? This sweat is called condensation. Condensation normally occurs inside the home when it’s extremely cold outside but too humid inside. It can also be a clear indicator that there is seal failure and new glass or windows will be needed. When warm air mixes with cool air, condensation forms. It’s

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