Window Maintenance Guide: How to Maintain Your New Windows

Adding new windows to your home is an exciting decision. You can choose the style, materials, and colors of your new windows to match the rest of your house. Upgrading new windows not only boosts your curb appeal but increases your home value, as well. 

However, to ensure that your new windows last, they need to be regularly cleaned, maintained, and repaired. Let’s discuss how to keep your windows in peak condition, what sections to clean, what areas require maintenance and repairs, and how to know if your windows need to be replaced. 

How Long Should New Windows Last?

How long your new windows should last is heavily dependent on the material. For the longest-lasting windows, fiberglass is an excellent choice. 

  • Fiberglass windows can last for 50 years or longer. 
  • Vinyl windows can last between 20 to 40 years. 
  • Wood windows can last between 15-20 years. 

How Do I Keep My Windows in Good Condition?

Keeping your windows in good condition is essential to their longevity. There are a couple of steps that you can take to make sure your windows are in peak health. 


As time goes on, windows can accumulate dust, dirt, and other debris that can make them difficult to open and close, as well as negatively affect their appearance. 


Maintenance is vital in maintaining your window’s longevity. This can involve checking for any damage regularly, tightening screws and bolts, and lubricating hinges. 


If your windows are damaged, it’s essential to have them repaired as soon as possible. Otherwise, the damage could become worse and result in the window needing to be replaced. 

How to clean your windows

How to Clean Your New Windows

Cleaning your windows requires a lot of attention to detail. There are numerous parts of the window that need to be cleaned properly in order to keep them attractive and functioning properly. 

Window Panes

Window panes are the first part of the window that is thought of when it comes to cleaning. Dirt and grime build up on the window panes and not only make them less attractive but also make it difficult to inspect the window for issues. 


The sash is the part of the window that’s made up of vertical and horizontal frames that hold the glass. They are particularly susceptible to dust and dirt that need to be cleaned to keep up the appearance of your window. 


Screens can deteriorate over time if they’re not cleaned and maintained regularly. Grime and dirt build up on them that need to be cleaned periodically to keep them in peak health. 

Window Tracks

Cleaning the window tracks is an essential step, no matter what material the frame is made of. They tend to build up debris like dirt, spider webs, and moisture. A cleanser should be used to remove the debris and ensure that the tracks stay in good condition. 

Caulking & Seals

When you’re cleaning your windows, don’t skip over the caulking and seals, which can also accumulate dirt. If you notice any mold or mildew, it could be a sign that your windows aren’t sealed properly. 

How to Maintain Your Windows

Window maintenance is just as important as keeping your windows clean. If windows are not maintained properly, they can become damaged to the point that they need to be replaced. 

Caulking & Seals

While you clean the caulking and seals, check for any open cracks, crevices, holes, or seams that need to be sealed with caulk. If air is seeping through openings like this, it can negatively affect the energy efficiency of your home. 


If your window panes are coated with Low-E window film, they will need to be regularly inspected and maintained. Low-E coating reflects a significant percentage of radiant heat in order to maintain the interior temperature of your home. It’s extremely durable, but if it’s not cleaned and maintained properly, the film can start to degrade. 

Window Screen

Window screens need to be inspected regularly for rips, tears, or holes, as they can degrade over time. If damage is found, they will likely need to be replaced. 

Screws & Bolts

When inspecting your windows, ensure all of the screws and bolts are tight. 

Window repair

What You Can Repair on Your Windows

There are a variety of repairs that can be needed on your window. 

Broken Glass

Cracked glass can be a big problem. It causes the strength of the window pane to no longer function correctly. Even a tiny crack can allow air to seep in and out of your home, which directly affects the energy efficiency of your house and the costs of your utility bills. 

If your window is double-paned or triple-paned, a crack can allow the argon gas inside out, so it will no longer fulfill its purpose of insulating your window. 

If you notice your window is cracked, have it looked at by a professional to determine the next steps. 

Frame Damage

If you have wood and vinyl frames for your windows, frame maintenance is essential to avoid frame damage. Wood frames are susceptible to leaks and open seams, which could let in moisture. If this happens, mold and mildew could occur and cause the wood to rot. 

Aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass window frames are less susceptible to damage. When it does occur, they need to be checked by a professional to be repaired properly and avoid needing to replace them. 

Loose Hardware

If the hardware on your window, like screws and bolts, becomes too loose or damaged, they will need to be tightened, repaired, or replaced. 

When Does a Window Need To Be Replaced?

Replacing your window can be deterred by excellent cleaning, repair, and maintenance, but, eventually, they will need to be replaced. 

If you notice any of these signs, you may need to consider replacing your window: 

  • Your windows are visibly damaged
  • Your windows are drafty
  • Your electric bills are higher with no other explanation
  • Condensation forms on the inside of your windows
  • Your windows don’t dampen the sound
  • Your windows are having a harder time opening and closing

You could also consider replacing your windows when you want to boost your home’s curb appeal and value. 

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