3 Great Values of Energy-Efficient Windows

With the continuous improvement in window technology, homeowners can now enjoy greater functionality and better benefits from their units. If you’re energy-conscious, you can now rely on high-performance windows to improve interior comfort without requiring the heavy use of air conditioning. Let NEXT Door and Window discuss the things you need to know about energy-efficient windows:

Energy-Efficient Windows

UV Protection

Ultraviolet (UV) rays are harmful radiations from the sun. They can easily break chemical bonds, which results in the bleaching and fading of exposed furnishings. One important feature you should check on your replacement windows in Aurora is their glass finish. We highly recommend choosing a glass option with low emissivity coating. This protective layer can block damaging UV rays and reflect unwanted heat.

NEXT Door and Window provides window options that allow you to enjoy daylighting without the drawbacks. They come from the biggest names in the industry, including  Sunrise®, Andersen®, and Marvin®. They use high-quality, low-E glass to bring maximum UV protection.

Energy Savings

Your Aurora replacement windows can have a large impact on your utility bills. In fact, in hot and cold seasons, windows can deal with energy leakage, condensation issues, and discomfort. Switching to high-performance units with insulated framing and low-E glass can give you significant cuts on energy costs. As they reflect unwelcome heat and minimize energy leakage, they lessen the workload of your air conditioning system and promote energy savings.


As with any home additions, your windows should increase your comfort levels. Choose a unit with higher insulating properties to keep your home’s ideal temperature. Additionally, make sure they are installed properly and sealed tightly to reduce air leaks.

At NEXT Door and Window, we ensure quality workmanship for your replacement windows in Aurora, IL. This ensures that your new units will perform optimally and keep a comfortable interior.

Improved protection, savings, and comfort are the three rewarding benefits of energy-efficient windows. You can turn to us for window options that provide these great values. We also match them with reliable installation. For more information, call us at (855) 893-6100.

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