3 Real Reasons Energy-Saving Windows Are Energy-Saving

No energy-saving window becomes efficient by accident. They may look ordinary on the surface, but a lot actually goes into improving their energy performance.


As the ultimate source of energy-efficient replacement windows in Downers Grove, Next Door and Window wants to explain the prime factors behind the ability of a window to minimize heat transfer. From the design to the insulating technology used, here are three main reasons energy-saving windows perform the way they do:


First and foremost, insulated glass makes any modern window resistant to the natural flow of heat. Of all glazing solutions, the use of spectrally selective, low-emissivity coatings and gas fills takes the efficiency of today’s products to unprecedented heights.

Thanks to these two technologies, our Downers Grove, IL, replacement windows keep the undesirable infrared and ultraviolet rays out without compromising visibility—which used to be the major problem when applying tints.


Apart from the glass, the frame material is likewise responsible for insulation. Even if you use the most efficient glass, your window would still perform poorly if its frame has weak insulating properties. From real wood to aluminum, each material helps define your windows’ overall energy efficiency.

At Next Door and Window, we’re pleased to offer you an extensive material selection. With our long-standing partnerships with many of the most trusted brands, we make it easy for you to find the apt solution for your needs.


Some Downers Grove replacement windows naturally perform better in the energy department than others. The way a window operates determines the amount of air leakage it allows. Casement and awning fixtures tolerate the least air infiltration among all types.

Despite the inherent downsides of some window styles in terms of air leakage, our team makes all the effort to keep it to a minimum. We use premium rubber membranes and specialized sealants to ensure windows are as air and watertight as they can be.

Entrust your window upgrade to the most capable team and take your home’s energy efficiency to new levels. Call us now at (855) 893-6100 and let’s get your project rolling.

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