3 Reasons to Get Low-E Glass for Your Windows

Window glass should offer you great views and a physical barrier to the outside world. Fortunately, the many innovations in glass have produced specialized materials like low-emissivity (Low-E) glass. This type of glass features a microscopically thin coat that allows it to reflect long-form infrared heat.

Low-E Glass

NEXT Door & Window looks at three features of this type of glass.

1. Ease of Maintenance
The glass of our replacement windows in Burr Ridge makes these easy to clean. The coating has hydro-repellent characteristics that also prevent dust and dirt from sticking to their surfaces. Any dust and dirt that does stick is easy to wash away with a splash of water.

2. UV Protection
Low-E glass options block ultraviolet light. This has harmful effects on furnishings. In fact, it can cause deterioration and fading after long, constant exposures. UV rays also have harmful effects on the human body when exposure is long and consistent over time. Make sure to check for UV-blocking capabilities of the brand you get from NEXT Door & Window. While each of this can protect your interiors from UV rays, these do come in varying degrees.

3. Cost-efficient
The biggest draw of Low-E glass is that it regulates heat transfer across its surface efficiently. This means that our Burr Ridge replacement windows can keep heat where you need it the most—indoors for cold spells, outdoors when it is warm. This situation lessens your dependence on air conditioning and heating, allowing you to save off your monthly energy bills. This makes your windows with Low-E glass panes pay for themselves, essentially.

NEXT Door & Window carries some of the best brands in the business, including Marvin®, Andersen®, and Sunrise Windows®. These are guaranteed to be durable, resilient, and all feature Low-E glass for optimal energy savings. Call us today at (630) 323-6398.

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