3 Reasons You Should Invest in Home Improvements Today

According to the latest Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA), there will be an annual spending growth for home improvements. Their estimate runs from 2.4 percent at the tail end of 2015, to 6.8 percent in the second quarter of 2016. With people clearly gravitating towards home improvements, NEXT Door & Window offers three answers to the question: should you start investing too?

Home Improvement

1. Yes, because these home improvements start your year beautifully.
Unsurprisingly, many people associate the start of the year with an equally fresh start in their lives and their homes. Our Aurora, IL, replacement windows, doors, and siding will surely make your home look good. NEXT Door & Window offers many customization options from color to finishes, along with different hardware style and sheens. When we work on your home improvement project, you can be confident that you’ll make it fully yours.

2. Yes, because these home improvements will improve comfort.
NEXT Door & Window understands that the combination of new doors, windows, and siding are sufficient to increase the comfort levels in your home. Fortunately, the brands we carry feature innovative materials that are excellent at thermal regulation. This means that heat will stay where you need it the most: indoors during the winter and outdoors during the summer.

3. Yes, because these home improvements save you money.
Due to the thermal regulating quality of our doors, siding, and replacement windows in Aurora, IL, you will rely less on artificial means of heating and cooling. This means lower energy expenditures monthly. Apart from reducing the carbon footprint of your home, this assures you of more savings off your energy bills.

NEXT Door & Window partnered with top names like Marvin®, Andersen®, Sunrise Windows®, and James Hardie® to bring you the best doors, windows, and siding. Start this year right and get your home fresh and ready to face new challenges ahead. Contact us today and we’ll help pick the best investments suited to your home and its needs.

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