3 Window Styles that Can Keep Your Home Fresh this Season

Windows play a big role in your home. They let in natural light and fresh air. These also make a house look warm and inviting. This season, you can focus on improving the indoor air quality of your home and enhancing circulation by installing the right window styles.

Window Styles

Let your Aurora, IL, replacement windows expert discuss the three styles that can keep your home fresh this season:


Andersen double-hung windows have two operating sashes that move up and down. This allows more ventilation from the top, bottom or both. You can install double-hung windows in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and other areas. Our double-hung windows have a dual-layer, compression bulb weatherstripping that keeps out water, wind, and dust. The double-hung’s traditional design makes it easy to clean and maintain. There will be no need to stress on scraping and repainting.


Another style of replacement windows in Aurora that can provide abundant ventilation is casement. According to Efficient Windows Collaboration, of all the window types, casement provides the most control over ventilation. Casement windows can direct the flow and intensity of the air that comes in. Sunrise Windows has dual weather-stripping system that protects your home against drafts. This way, your home will stay dry and comfortable.


For a remarkable viewing experience and abundant ventilation, choose gliding windows. We install gliding windows from Integrity that has Ultrex exterior. This makes our gliding windows durable and resilient to elements. Additionally, Ultrex has a low thermal expansion rate. Our Integrity, Marvin, and Infinity windows are ENERGY STAR certified. You can experience better energy savings along with a more comfortable home with our replacement windows in Aurora, IL.

NEXT Door & Window installs top-of-the-line windows from Andersen, Marvin, Integrity, Infinity, and Sunrise. Each of the window brands that we offer has exclusive features and benefits. Nevertheless, all of them can help make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. We can provide you the right window style for your home.

For more information on our windows, call us at (855) 893-6100. We will be ready to assist you with your needs.

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