4 Ways Doors and Windows Can Improve the Look of Your Home Interior

Your home’s doors and windows function beyond energy efficiency and security. When properly planned, a door or window design could dramatically improve the look and feel of your home for years. Below we’ll explain the many aesthetic benefits and how doors and windows can influence your interior home look.

1. Add Color and Pattern  

A door is more than “just a door” for your home’s curb appeal and interior style. A well-designed door can transform the facade, add visual interest to your interior, and increase the value of your home. It is a great way to make an impact without the cost of an extensive renovation. If you’re choosing a bold color for your front door, why not bring the color inside to add a fun pop to your entryway. Are you considering decorative glass on your new door? It’ll look like a work of art from the inside too!

2. Introduce Nature to the Interior 

Large windows can turn Mother Nature into artwork inside your home if you’re blessed with a beautiful view. They can frame incredible panoramas and forge a seamless indoor-outdoor connection. Substituting natural views (via windows) for solid, blank walls lends drama to your interior design. Bringing the colors of your surrounding landscapes inside can also help improve your mood at home. 

You can achieve this design concept with an apt window combination. For best results, you can minimize the divisions to reduce obstructions. Our Infinity from Marvin windows is made of Ultrex fiberglass. The Ultrex advantage allows for more glass area than other replacement windows giving you more daylight and better views.

Grouping multiple windows together can also create the illusion of a larger space and add distinct architectural interest to your home. You can also invest in projecting windows like the bay or bow style. Projection windows have glass panels facing different directions, offering a more expansive scenery view. 

Our Design and Energy experts can help you create the look you’ve always dreamed of with our Home Visualizer tool that allows you to try on styles before buying.

3. Block UV Rays to Minimize Fading 

Ultraviolet radiation accelerates the fading of your furnishings, floors, and wall paint. Without advanced window glass to filter out the damaging UV light, your valuables would look older than their age. NEXT Door and Window is a trusted company for multiple top brands, and we provide you with the most efficient window technologies you could find.

For example, you’ll want to ensure your glass has a Low E coating to minimize fading. This is a metallic coating placed on the glass’s inside surface to reduce the sun’s rays. The brands we offer have high quality, Low E glass to ensure protection, and significant cuts in your home’s energy costs.No matter which product you choose, expect maximum daylight without the threat of solar damage to your home.

4. Add Geometry for Visual Interest 

A window upgrade is an excellent opportunity to diversify the shapes in your home. The mixture of squares and rectangles of different sizes plays with the eye. One way to achieve this is by using grilles. They make the style of your windows historically accurate and offer a realistic replication of divided panes of glass. 

At NEXT Door and Window, we specialize in a wide range of grille patterns to enrich the look of your windows. With plenty of options at your disposal, you can be as creative as possible. Another option is grouping windows to create new exciting shapes and open up your space. See the example below.

Choosing the perfect replacement windows is easier when you turn to NEXT Door and Window. We have years of experience and extensive training to ensure that the products we install in your home perform well.

If you’re also wondering how the remodeling process works, read this post here. Call today to schedule your free appointment at 630-755-6681 or contact us here


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