4 Best Window Styles For Traditional Homes

Window Stypes

A traditional home deserves architecturally correct replacement windows. Nonetheless, your home might already have the correct style of windows. All you need to do is buy replacement ones with a similar style. If you want to change things up without negatively impacting the appearance of your house, we have created a list of the best types of windows for traditional Homes.

Types of Windows to Consider For Classic Homes

1. Bay or Bow Windows

You can’t go wrong with bay or bow windows for that added sense of space and grandeur. They are also ideal if you simply want your home to look much bigger than it actually is. Their protruding design forms a bay that can be an extra seat and/or storage space. They can add visual weight on the exteriors without taking up any floor space. This style of windows are compatible with a majority of traditional architectural styles. However, bow or bay windows are especially effective with Victorian, Queen Anne, and Tudor Revival homes.


2.Double-Hung Windows

The most popular window style today, double-hung windows fit with any traditional architectural style such as Colonial, Cape Cod, Greek Revival, and Federal. Note that certain window styles are identifiable by the grilles, making them an important choice if you intend to be as architecturally accurate as possible. For instance, Colonial architecture has double-hung windows with six-over-six panes, while Federal architecture typically features 12-over-12. Furthermore, Cape Cod architecture is distinguished by its asymmetrical sash heights.

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Casement Windows

3. Casement Windows

Casement windows are another “architecturally neutral” replacement window style that fits with just about any type of house. Nonetheless, this style is utilized in Bungalow, Craftsman, Arts and Crafts, and Prairie architecture. As with double-hung windows, there are unique design traits for every architectural style: Craftsman and Bungalow feature vertical grilles, while Prairie architecture has its own grille style.

4. Picture Windows

If your home happens to have a great view, choose picture windows that can frame it. While not associated with any specific architectural style, picture windows have a simple enough design. This window style for homes is equipped with an uninterrupted sheet of glass on a slim frame. This type of window would not feel out of place on any traditional architectural style.

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